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How was peeing after catheter came out?
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wondering if everyone resumed normal peeing after catheter came out?I would like to hear your experiences thanks.
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After my catheter was removed two weeks after surgery I was unable to pee…not a drop My wife drove me to ER and I had a new one installed, at that time they drained over 1.5 litres of urine, very painful and the nurse was surprised that my bladder didn't explode. The catheter was removed a week later and the same thing happened again, got a new catheter and was admitted to the hospital for more tests.

Everything was normal and the third catheter was removed and then they taught me how to pee, you just relax and let it flow, not like the old days. After that I needed a pad for about six days had have been peeing kinda normally for about 5 years but without my prostrate I need to pee every three hours, or so…not fun at night.

But every case is different, I was told that my recovery was not normal…it's a learning curve.

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