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recently diagnosed
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was diagnosed only 6 weeks ago with bladder cancer stage 3 but specialists seem optimistic and presently undergoing tests. chemo expected to start soon. Still recovering from the shock of diagnosis - not fun but I have a very good cheerleading squad to support me. ANyway - standard to care here is chemo and then surgery to remove badder and prostate.

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good morning Keith.
good to have you here in this community. there are lots of us here; both living with a cancer diagnosis as you are now, or ‘cheerleading’ for somebody we love! (I like the term cheerleader for the caregivers we all rely so heavily on).

sounds like you have your ‘team’ at the ready for what comes along as you work through your cancer story.

let us know if there is anything we can support you or your caregiver(s) with. there is much experience and knowledge here to share.

cheers and welcome to you and your team,

#newdiagnosis #bladdercancer #welcomenewmembers #caregiversupport #cheerleader #cancerteam

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thank you for the comment. Yes - my cheerleading team is organized. my anxiety level is a llittle high these days - all fear of the unknown I guess.

@keith68 - just checking in to see how you are doing? Has treatment started yet for you?


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