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Bladder Cancer
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Would like to hear from individuals who had their bladder removed. What was life like after the surgery. I have been active and am afraid the quality of life will change dramatically.

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Hello and welcome @Trapper. Thank you for taking the time to make your first post. I hope you don't mind, but I moved your post to the Bladder cancer forum so that more members who have experienced bladder cancer will see it.

I also want to introduce you to @Cooper2019 who had their bladder removed last year and @Clarke who also wrote about it. Hopefully they can share their experience with it post surgery.

Do you have a surgery date for this or is this being considered for you?


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Hello @Trapper I did have my bladder removed September 2020 after 4 months of chemo. Good news is sleeping through the night after an evening cup of tea without having to get up to go to the bathroom! I have had no issues with my ileostomy. It did take almost a year before I felt comfortable resuming regular activities fully. A positive attitude goes a long way so I am encouraged you are already thinking about life after surgery. I walk daily outside and hike and bike. I didn’t get in golf this summer but that was more Covid related vs physical ability. I wear looser clothing, more high waisted garments but that’s about it! Keep in touch. Ask more questions. Ready to share with you. Take care. You got this!

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Hi Trapper,
I had my bladder and its little friends and big cancer removed in July 2019. Hospital stay stretched to 2 months because of follow-up hernia repairs. Home recuperating quite successfully with external ileostomy bag ever since. Nurse comes in to check or change it weekly

Getting used to a new slower lifestyle, cancer-free!

Reading about others going through chemo and
Immune therapy with long hospital visits makes me aware of how lucky my family and I are!
Clarke, cancer-free
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Hi Lianne

Thank you for your email. Also, thank you for moving my post to the correct forum.

I do not have a date for surgery but the doctor is suggesting some time in January. He has requested that second pathologist look at my lab results as the first said it was a T1 and my doctor believes it is a T3.

Thank again.


Hi @Trapper

Just checking to see if anything has come out of the 2nd pathologist having a look at your results?

Still waiting on a date?

Thank you to @Cooper2019 and @Clarke for answering my tags and sharing your experience with @Trapper

Much appreciated.


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Hi Cooper 2019. I had my bladder removed in March 2020 just as this pandemic was beginning. The timeline from diagnosis in January 2020 to surgery in March 2020 was very fast due to the onset of Covid. I was off work for two months from my job as a school counselor. I did go back to school for a couple of days a week in June 2020 always worrying about if my appliance would leak and how I would handle it. I was in the hospital for 6 days and the learning curve was very big in terms of how to live with and change my appliance. For the first couple of weeks after surgery I was very tired and slept quite a bit. Slowly I was able to go for short walks around my neighborhood. I was never a physically active person before my diagnosis and surgery but I do try to be as active as I can every day. Although, for the last 8 days here in Alberta the -30 weather has put a damper on my desire to go outside.

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