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Bladder Cancer March 2021 check in

We haven't heard from many in this forum for a bit so I thought I would do a check in. Whether you are a bladder cancer patient or a caregiver:

How are you doing?
Where are you at with treatment?
What tips would you give to someone newly diagnosed with bladder cancer?
How are you doing today?

Clarkelivingwithbladdercancer‍ - do you want to get us started? Anyone can jump in.

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I am pretty good. I have accepted and digested that I will have a nephrostomy tube & bag to empty several times a day and monthly visits to the hospital for tube replacements and nursing visits at home twice a week.
Other than that, I am GOOD, increasing my daily walks a bit and getting stronger.
It is mental & emotional, as well as physical recovery!
Thanks for asking😃
Nice to hear from you Clarke
I am pleased to hear you are feeling pretty good and increasing your walks and strength.
There is most definitely an emotional/mental aspect to the healing part - at least that was my expereience as well.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Hello. I underwent a radical cystectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy, ureterectomy, bilateral lymph node dissection, creation of ileal conduit and left ALT flap on September 17, 2020. ( I copied this from a medical report on me!).
I am doing extremely well with stoma. No issues there or accidents or pain so far. I use Hollister products. I received samples from stoma nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital so I have kept with the brand.
My rehabilitation has been with the left leg thigh skin flap used to fill in pelvic area. I am 28 weeks post surgery and nerve Dr says recovery of leg can be 18-24 months. I am off the walker, using a cane outside. Daily exercises from rehab Dr and treadmill have moved me along quite a lot. I have about 70% usage of leg. I still have the feeling it will give out on me sometimes! April 16 I see rehab Dr and will ask for some squat and lunge type exercises.
Other than that, doing well. Thanks for checking in.
Thank you so much for checking in Cooper2019‍ . Nice to read your update and that you are doing so well.. I was really impressed with all your cancer lingo there but I totally get having to refer to your medical report for all that info 😊

Sounds like you are really on top of the leg rehab which will no doubt set you up for success going forward.

Wishing you well on your April appointment. Come back and let us know how you make out as you are able.

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