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Bladder cancer radical cystectomy
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Looks like I need to have the bladder removed. I have a high risk tumor that has repeated after treatment although everything indicates it is contained within the bladder after two TURB procedures. So if I get it out I have two options. The ileal conduit or the stuber pouch. I meet all of the criteria for the stuber pouch and so would like some feedback on which option I should exercise. Your help is appreciated.
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Welcome gordr‍ 

I'm glad you found our community!

I did a search for 'radical cystectomy' and found the following discussion threads that may interest you:https://cancerconnection.ca/search?search_filters%5Bcontent%5D=forums&query=radical+cystectomy. To connect with someone who has posted hit reply and tag them by typing the @ symbol and their username.

I hope this helps,
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Hi gordr
Just had an anniversary dinner for 1 year since discharge from hospital after my radical cystectomy!
i chose the ileal conduit or external bag attached to my leg.  It required building a new exit tube for urine through my abdomen, using a piece of my lower intestine.
The exit point, or stoma, is still being cleaned and dressed by my nurse twice a week, as my wife and I can not do it. The external tube and bag are changed weekly.   
I have been very satisfied with the process and my resulting life changes.
If you have questions, let me know and I will let you know,,,
Clarke Edward, Cancer Free for a Year😃😀
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Hi, gordr‍ 
How are you doing?
Which method did you end up choosing?
Surgery upcoming, or done?

As I retired 20 years ago, I have taken ample recovery time and am available as an experienced, cancer-free survivor.
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You are so open. Thank you for sharing part of your cancer story.
Do they not attempt maybe just radiation for bladder cancer if tiny? 
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That could well be.  Mine was very large.
gordr‍ - Have you had your procedure?

Clarke‍ - How are you doing?
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Thanks for asking.
It is almost a year and a half since my successful surgery, and I have just started to notice that I am improving almost daily, in strength, but more important by far, in attitude and outlook.  Pains and issues that used to annoy me or really frustrate me are easier to live wth.  I notice that a certain ache is less present, that I concentrate more on others than on “poor old me”.
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Clarke‍ Hello....so glad you shared how you are doing.....
What a difference a year (and a half) makes !
Enjoy the Holiday Season, and of course, now you have the where-with-all to focus on those around you.
Keep well,

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