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Does an order for a "urgent" mammogram mean my family Dr knows it's cancer?
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I/we went to our family Dr again. (Thursday)
Due to always feeling pregnant with non stop morning sickness.

i have lost 63 pds since July without trying, pants went from a 18 to 12, my bra size 42 to 32.

So another subject came up and that was my left breast had a incaved area just above my breast.
So he brought his nurse in.
I took of my shirt, raise my arms and showed him what I was talking about...maybe it's in my head right?
So then he did an exam and found some lump or whatever.
After he said he was going to make calls himself to get me in for a urgent mri, while his nurse would book a urgent mammogram.
When I got home she had an appointment booked for March 1st and asked that I also go on their cancelation list.

They called last night and upped my mammogram to tomorrow.

Then on Monday a mri of my chest and abdominal.

The question is, if routine, why the urgency?

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@SHS72 Hello SHS72 and welcome from BC! So glad you have connected here with us….and already posted - terrific….members will soon chime with greetings and more…..we are all here to listen, and share and support one another.

If I may share my thoughts….and I am NO Doctor/a good thing/scared of my own shadow !!….When you saw your Family Dr…..it did not sound like a “routine check up”…..perhaps you did go, due to pain/discomfort/weight loss….a routine check up (annual? bi annual these days? may have included discussions for blood pressure/weight/vaccines/innoculations/exercise/ etc….)

Perhaps once you “showed” your family Dr your concerns….their concerns “shifted”…..Dr wants to get tests done (they all want this…..results from various depts)….I call it the “Looking In Phase”….they are looking….what is up? what is causing your weight loss/breast area concern, etc…..

I know it is hard….but just get through the tests….and soon the Dr will share all results with you…..Once you “know”…things will settle….a bit….you feel some control back….keep busy until the appt(s)…..

TIP for MRI: Bring and put in your ears, orange spongey ear plugs….it will help you to NOT hear the loudness, inside the MRI machine….it can get loud…..Please do put on LOTS of lip balm….I found it breezy inside the MRI machine…..so that can help…..

I think your Family Dr is terrific; they are listening to you…and acting quickly….take this as a step forward; right direction; Helping the Patient in a timely manner.

When you catch your breath….share with us, what you know/only if you wish….let us support you….we understand…….

Keep busy…..get outdoors if you can; Nature is soothing to the soul.



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No, no. They don't know it is cancer. But I think the doctor had enough reason to order further testing, and the best way to get the tests done quickly is to call them like that. I think your doctor is great. And even if there is something, it will be early.

A couple of years ago, my doctor ordered a brain MRI. They called me right away, like the next day. I was concerned then, so I get where you are coming from. But it turned out nothing.

So I think it is natural to be concerned. Indeed, it is worrying. But it doesn't mean cancer. I wish you the best news.

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Thanks so much.

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