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Possible symptoms of tonsil cancer.
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Not here for diagnosis's of course, but I'm here to vent about my worries. For over a week I've been experiencing vertigo, the doctor said it was BPPV. but then I've been having ear pain and neck pain along with that. Recently when I swallow it feels like theres a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of my throat. I've had this feeling before. Im not sick and theres no infection. Theres a bump on my tonsil where I'm having my ear pain and neck pain. No lymph nodes though, the doctors checked for that when I went in for vertigo. I kept going back to the doctor for the pain but there was no infection and they sort of brushed it off….I didn't know about the bump at the time so they didnt check for that.

Im 21 (and female if that makes a difference) and vaped for quite a bit. Worried it's tonsil cancer. Dr. google will definitely plant a serious anxious scary seed in your brain that you cant get rid of. Im going to try and go back to the doctor this week to get it looked at. Even then I'm worried…the wait times for a ENT here is 8-12 months. Thats way too long and things would get worse beyond repair at that point if it was something bad.

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@Riley21 I pray for you it is nothing serious, and good you are looking into things. If something in your body doesnt feel right, you know your body and good to look into it. I might suggest if you want to avoid the wait times, to go into emerg perhaps. That is how my fiance got his diagnoses and got things moving along very quickly. Yes, stay away from Dr. Google. All that can do is fill your head with anxiety provoking scenarios. Have you told any friends or family members what is happening? Are they being supportive? Try to keep yourself busy and distracted and not to let your head jump to the worse case scenarios. Yes, easier said than done forsure. A a wise lady named @Cynthia Mac always says. " focus on what you know to be true today'. Let us know what you find out and we will support you.

Cynthia Mac
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@Riley21 You are wise to go and have that lump on your tonsil looked at.

And, do try not to put the cart before the horse. For some reason, our minds want to take us straight to “worst case scenario” when that isn’t what it is in so many cases.

My mom had Menier’s disease, which caused her vertigo, but they also checked her for BPV. (Blind positional vertigo for others who may be reading.) BPV can be improved fairly easily, by moving you around to adjust the particles in the ear canal so they stop being so problematic.

Tonsils, too, can be easily removed if they start to act out in a chronic way.

In the meantime, you appear to know which habit(s) in your life could be the root of your physical concerns, so you might want to focus on what to do with those while you get the physical issue sorted.

You’re welcome to keep coming here to let us know how you’re getting on.

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