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BIRADS 5 Waiting…
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I am waiting for results of my biopsy (2 days ago) after an ultrasound and contrast mammogram a week and a half ago. Noticed a dent in my left breast in early December before getting in the shower and felt the lump in the shower. It is 2 cm.
The waiting is brutal. I just want to know everything and move forward with treatment. I am grateful there was a cancellation and was able to get my mammogram done 3 weeks earlier than originally scheduled.
I appreciate reading others’ stories. Makes me feel less alone. Any advice or story would be welcomed as I am just starting this journey.


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Hello Lana - welcome to the community. Have they confirmed cancer and you are waiting for the biopsy results for next steps for treatment? Or by being in Pre-Diagnosis they haven't confirmed cancer?

You will find on here that waiting on tests, waiting on results and waiting on treatment is a very common topic around here. Many will say to keep yourself distracted while waiting but it is easier said than done.

If it helps at all, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept 2010 after discovering a lump. The radiologist was very certain at the biopsy that it was indeed cancer and had moved to my lymph nodes. I was diagnosed with IDC ( invasive ductal carcinoma) with lymph node involvement, Stage 2 Grade 3. But here I am 12 + years later and doing very well. I hope you find a little comfort in that.

I have no doubt you will hear from others. The breast cancer contingent on here is a very sizable group.

Keep us posted as you are comfortable. Do you have a date to receive the results?


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Thanks for sharing your story! Its great to hear success stories.
I haven’t received a diagnosis yet. At the biopsy I asked if it’s not cancer, what could it be? And they said, it won’t be anything else since you were rated BIRADS 5. That the biopsy is to determine what type of cancer. They said it would have been rated BIRADS 4C if it was potentially benign. The moment I saw the dent in my breast I knew. Just the way it is presenting I have no doubt it’s cancer. I hope to find out within a week.

It’s frustrating because there is no family history of any cancers and I don’t have any of the risk factors. Danced most of my life and active as a dance and drama high school teacher. I am a fitness and nutrition coach. I feel strong and know I will overcome this health challenge.


Thanks for the clarification. Funny ( not funny) but I knew right away too when I found mine. There was no history of it in my family either though my aunt and mom got it after me. Your fitness and nutrition regime will serve you well throughout this for sure.


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@DanceLana I was told by the radiologist when I was having my biopsy that it was definitely cancer and like you I had to wait on the pathology report for the specifics. That was 4 years ago this past Tuesday.

It is definitely hard waiting on the official report. I found cleaning and organizing helped keep me occupied. Try to stay off Dr. Google. The information may be old and outdated and actually incorrect. It only served to cause me more anxiety. Once you know the type of breast cancer you have and you want to research it, I recommend sticking to reputable sites like the Canadian Cancer Society. I found the Mayo Clinic website also extremely useful.

We are here to help support you as you move through your diagnosis and treatment.

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@DanceLana Hello Lana and welcome from ON! So glad you reached out to us. Yes; waiting is hard & challenging & more…..I hope you get the results soon…..and all testing is completed….because once you “know”….things move forward…and that is a good thing….you will regain “control” again…(IF they find cancer……)

I will include the link below for the Breast Cancer Forum….a great place to read of others' experiences….and please know you are NOT alone….we are all here, to support you, every step of the way.

Keep sharing…we are listening…..

If you feel comfortable, let us know what they share with you…..

Keep on Dancing! From Ballet Pointe Shoes to Tap Shoes to Contemporary as well! I have a pair of Ballet Shoes, signed by Karen Kain…..(I am a Balletomane, at heart)

Feel our welcome Lana!



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@DanceLana Hi Lana, a very warm welcome to you. I would like to take a moment to support you. I am sorry that you are going through all this anxiety. I had my biopsy more than 2 years ago ( BIRADS 4) and it was negative for cancer. No one can be 100 % sure about your diagnosis until biopsy results come back. Sometimes doctors are sure because of the shape of a lesion, but they really need the results of a biopsy to tell them whether or not there is any cancer present.

Whatever the outcome, you will feel better once you know what you are dialing with. I hope that you hear soon. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

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