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Symptoms of liver cancer?
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I have had a tumor removed from my ovary, well my whole ovary actually in 2016. It was pre-cancerous. I now have a 5 cm tumor on my liver and have been losing weight with back pain and abdominal pain. I go for my next test in March and am really anxious in the meantime. I just lost another 3 pounds over Christmas. Who loses weight over Christmas. I am starting to feel a little scared.
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Hello and welcome.

Does the doctor treating you and referring you to tests, know about your weight loss? Is there a way to get on a short notice/cancellation list to get in a little sooner?

It is difficult to not jump to worse case scenarios when we are waiting on tests and results. I am guilty of it myself.


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@Bellatrix Hello and welcome from ON! So glad you have joined us. We will support you, in every way we can.

I agree with what was earlier shared…..can you try to get an earlier appt/test? Call the Dr's office…..ask to be on the cancellation list…ensure that they have your cell number…..let them KNOW you wish to be tested sooner, not later.

Try not to put the cart, before the horse……who said “tumour” on liver? Could it be a lesion? Could it be a Hemangioma? The tests will give answers….

Try to be pushy! and self advocate!

Let us know…..if/when you feel comfortable


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I will, I will call my family Dr. It was an incidentAl finding on a CT scan which is how my other tumor was found. I have had multiple CT scans in the past year for other health concerns in my abdominal area and it wasn’t seen and suddenly it is there and rather large. I tried not to be concerned just with the one before, (I was getting ready for brain surgery for non-cancerous brain tumor). I just have a sick feeling now in the pit of my stomach I can’t get rid of since realizing how much weight I have lost since the summer, about 15 pounds. Without planning or trying. I will try. I don’t feel I can talk to my family as my Mom is fighting cancer herself right now and I don’t know if that is also contributing. I have been able to tell myself it is probably nothing I will just need surgery to remove it until I realized the weight loss and blamed the pain on kidney stones.

Cynthia Mac
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@Bellatrix I just read your posts, and I’m sorry to hear you have all this going on.

I agree with the others to try and “bump up” your appointments.

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