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Ontario 3D MRI diagnostic wait times
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I was wondering if a 15+ month wait time for a diagnostic 3D MRI is the normal these days. Husbands oncologist is pretty confidant after 2 CT scans and a detailed kidney ultrasound he has early stage kidney cancer. I’m a bit worried that by late May 2024 it won’t be so early stage by that time😳 Was wondering if anyone has waited that long for a diagnostic MRI out there? His past CT and MRI scans were not 15+ month waits.

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@Ell Hi Ell….I am also in ONT…..and my gut is yelling out loud; that 15 month + wait time for a 3D MRI, is a touch “long”!!

Ask to be put on a Cancellation List (ensure they have your correct telephone number to reach you, with little notice !) Enlist the help of your Family Dr; can they speed things up a bit? Reach Oncologists' office and tell them, respectfully, that this is WAY too long to wait….can they speed things up?

If you are at a “halt”…….can this be done privately? (In Ontario) If you really need this test…..it may be worth the “Costs”…..maybe your work/insurance can reimburse afterwards……all worth checking out….

I do hope that this MRI will be booked, sooner, not later.




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@Ell I know that wait times are out of control in Canada generally, but that seems beyond excessive. Besides Whitelilies's suggestion I had another thought. Is it possible to travel to another centre that has the 3D MRI available? Perhaps they are not all booked up like that?

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@Ell 15 months sure does seem like a long time to wait. Is your husband in treatment now for his cancer? I know when I mentioned having a PET scan to my oncologist, he told me that the results of a Pet scan would not alter the treatment plan and didn’t order one. I would certainly ask the oncologist why he is recommending it, especially in light of it being such a long wait.

I hope you get some answers.

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@JustJan @muumi @Whitelilies thank you for suggestions. We are going to contact his oncologist after the holidays and see if they can expedite this as 15 months is way too long a wait. The mental and emotional anguish of knowing somethings there and is most likely cancerous is a lot to deal with.

@JustJan, yes he has had treatment and is currently still being monitored for colorectal cancer has had surgery, chemo ,radiation and a ileostomy reversal surgery with major complications. This kidney lesion was spotted a year ago during a CT for his colorectal cancer diagnosis and has been monitored every CT and MRI scan in this past year that he’s had for his colorectal cancer. He had also a detailed renal ultrasound as this lesion has grown and become more complex in this last year of monitoring. The oncologist felt after all this monitoring it is early kidney cancer and his next step is this 3D MRI. Not sure what the treatment plan would be for kidney cancer except surgery, we haven’t gotten that far yet. He’s been told not to worry it’s early stage and it will be fine by his oncologist. 😳

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