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Help req'd understanding a test result

Hello everyone,

I took my Mother for a scan today and they uploaded the results, and I am not sure how to interpret this. I know her Dr will make a follow-up to explain in detail, but I really feel the need to have a basic understanding of the language.

I certainly hope this is not against forum rules, if so I genuinely apologize.


1. Small cystic lesions within the pancreatic tail, body as well as the head are comparable to the prior CT dating back to 28th of March, 2021. These likely reflect benign cystic neoplasms such as IPMNs. No unfavorable interval change.

2. Enhancing solid nodule located immediately to the left and caudal to the level of the umbilicus was not identified on any of the previous CT or MRI scans. Additional enhancing solid nodule within the anterior precordial recess/anterior mediastinum. These findings are highly suspicious for metastatic disease from an unknown primary neoplasm. I would strongly recommend a CT of the chest for further evaluation. The abdominal wall nodule appears amenable to percutaneous, sonographically guided biopsy. No convincing primary neoplasm within the abdomen or pelvis.

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@99Kristopher99 Hello Kristopher and welcome from ON! Sorry to hear your mom, has challenges. We are her, to listen and share experiences, and support one another.

Try to stay off “Dr Google” - it is outdated, and not about your moms' specific situation……you can google “medical words” to understand that better…..but perhaps it is best, to let her Dr/Oncologist explain things, about next steps.

Put faith in her medical team.

Feel our welcome…..let us support you and your mom.

Welcome Kristopher



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