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CT Chest ~ Image
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Hi Everyone,

I had my chest CT yesterday and I am waiting for the report. I had it done privately and was sent all the images. I believe I found the two nodules in my right upper lung that they found a few months ago.

My question, does anyone know what the white specks are in this image? I’m thinking that they are normal, just curious as to what they are.

I am not looking for a diagnosis, it’s impossible by images only, just looking for information based on peoples experience.

Thank you


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@D’Rocker- It can be so hard waiting for the report! I can understand wanting information and support interpreting this. Will the report be sent to a Doctor that is following your care?

Only a Medical doctor following your care can diagnose or help with interpreting this scan.

Do you have an idea when you might hear back?

Thinking of you,


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Hi Lacey,

Thank you for replying, it is difficult to wait. This image seemed normal to me based on others I have seen, I was only curious as to what causes these specks.

I see my doctor on Monday.

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