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How did you find your breast cancer?
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HI all, I can't seem to log into my old profile so going under another one!

I was diagnosed with grade 3 serous uterine carcinoma almost a year ago - got the call from my gynecologist on Nov 12, 2021 so it's an anniversary of sorts. After surgery, 3 rounds of chemo and brachytherapy have been recovering mentally and physically since. I was very fortunate to catch it at stage 1A…cancer just in the polyp. But because it was high grade, chemo and radiation were recommended to reduce recurrence risks from ~25 to 30% to 5 to 10%.

I've actually been doing quite well mentally. Been having more and more moments when I feel like “normal” - like cancer never happened. Kind of a moving on attitude - you've done all you can do, you are following up like you are supposed to, cleaned up the diet, drinking green tea, meditation, deep breathing, stress reduction - all that stuff. Physically I feel pretty much back to normal too…good energy, back to work. Blood counts are normal again so winning!

Then…10 days ago doing breast self-exam (mammogram and ultrasound normal in June 2022) this hard small sesame sized seed jumps out on my left cyst-y breast. Definitely hard, definitely in the same spot. Sometimes hard to find, but when you do - same spot. Hubby felt it too…and he's like yep, that's hard.

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow, but I know there will be another ultrasound, another mammogram and I'm thinking most likely a biopsy. I'm a nurse by the way…so know this type of lump will most likely warrant further investigation. Blessing or curse being a nurse, not sure lol.

But mentally, I'm starting to be a wreck. After I found the lump, there was a panicky feeling, but my stress reduction strategies jumped in. Lots of deep breathing, telling yourself even if this is something - you would be catching it early. And no sense in stressing until you actually have something to stress about! But I'm now one day before my doctor's appointment and now a puddle of stress. I'm reliving last fall when I first got the diagnosis that I had a bad cancer, and that they wouldn't know how invasive it was until surgery and staging. From Nov 12 to Dec 28 I lived in a nightmare haze until I received the pathology results. I doubt this would be a recurrence/met of my uterine cancer, but if cancer it would be a second cancer. Or it might not be cancer at all…I keep telling myself that.

I'm just reaching out to my friends again. I've delaying coming back to the site since I lost my log in - which was probably good as I think I needed a bit of break from cancer stories. Funny, I was ready to start logging on again so I could be of support for other uterine cancer peeps. But now I'm needing support and an online hug.

No one knows that feeling but another cancer person. Now I'm reaching out for that support again…

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@Hopenall When I started having my mammograms, the left breast they always wanted to do the ultrasound as well. I was going every 6 months and then they wanted to do a biopsy. Everything kept coming back normal. One day I got the reminder postcard in the mail about needing a mammogram. As I had been going every 6 months for the mammograms, it seemed like I had just gone and was confused as to why I got the card. Around the same time that I got the reminder, I also had a bleeding nipple on my left breast. I called my Doctor's office about the reminder post card and was told to come into the Doctor's office anyway and they would look into it. My Doctor told me that the paperwork probably hadn't got caught up and that the postcard was probably sent in error but then I mentioned my bleeding nipple. That's what started a chain of appointments, treatments, surgeries and Doctors, nurses and more visits to the Hospital's, Doctor's offices then I have ever had in my life.

Late 2018 was the beginning and 2020 was when I was discharged from BC Cancer. I have completed all of my surgeries, treatments but am still taking a hormone blocker (Letrozole) which soon will start year 4 out of 5 years. I even got my first tattoo, my nipple was removed and reconstructed by my Plastic Surgeon and a nurse tattooed my nipple/areola to add color. Initially I had a lumpectomy and was diagnosed with DCIS then a MRI discovered another larger lump which meant mastectomy (diagnosed with triple positive IDC). I know have an implant on my left side and my right was reduced/lifted.

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, Hopenall‍ Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry you’re back in this cycle again. As you point out, if it’s the size of a sesame seed, you’ve caught this early!

I can well appreciate that the closer you get to your appointment, the more your emotions ramp up, despite having some useful tools at your disposal.

Please let us know how your appointment goes.
Runner Girl
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My cancer showed up as 2 lumps at the base of my right breast, it seemed, suddenly there they were. Turned out I had 3, one was off to one side by itself.

To get peace of mind have your doctor investigate. Not every lump/bump is cancer and better to get it checked because as we cancer folks know - earlier detection means better outcomes.

Sending you a big HUG.

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Thanks everyone, saw my doc and of course we couldn't feel it. He's sending me a bit earlier for my left breast ultrasound. He was very supportive. He doesn't feel worried but completely understands my anxiety. I was that 1% last year, it's hard not to feel I may be another 1% for something else. He did promise me if they send me for a biopsy he will phone me the minute it comes across his desk. I feel so very fortunate to have a great doc…been with that practice for 25 years <3

I was just starting to feel better in my own post-cancer skin lol. And then this. Oh well, I'm doing the right things…and they have me on a cancellation list for the ultrasound. The lab was great too, I think they must get a lot of anxious people.

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hi there, I know How you’re feeling. I just completed treatments (lumpectomy and radiation) for stage 1 IDC and have started letrozole and now 4 months later have symptoms in other breast. I first noticed a pink spot that turned to a bruise and then sudden swelling. Trying not to freak out while I wait to get into clinic, thankfully they got me in this week.

thank goodness you’re diligent with exams and know what you’re looking for. hopefully you will have some answers soon, take care.

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@B_yvg Glad you are getting things checked out too. I have my ultrasound booked for next Tuesday…so playing the waiting game. Again. Argh eh? Just argh.

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Had the ultrasound…all is good. Now on to routine follow-up…mammogram in June and then another routine ultrasound follow-up in a year. And bumping along my post cancer journey…balancing worry with common sense. I'm in company with a lot of amazing people…we will get through this. Cancer will not take over our lives.

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