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What women need to know about breast cancer screening in Canada
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A good article about prevention through early detection from CBC website.


Keep well


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@ACH2015 I was fortunate to have done a presentation with @ashcon, Jennie Dale of Dense Breasts Canada, and Dr. Gordon for my employer, Sun Life. Here is a link to that presentation if anyone wants additional details.


Cynthia Mac
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Good! Thanks for sharing, ACH2015‍ ! I just posted this morning on another discussion about my anger over a recent conversation I had with my GP, who grumbled that screening can’t prevent cancer, it only finds it after it’s already there. OK, yes, that’s true, but the sooner it is detected, the better chance the patient has of effective treatment and survival! So, like screen me, already!

It’s very good to see mainstream media advocating the need and benefits for early detection.

#earlydetection #routinetestingsaveslives #getchecked
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