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Confused about result & feeling nervous
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Im gonna keep this as brief as possible. 3.5 years ago I noticed a few of my lymph nodes on my neck had been swollen for a few months, so my doctor sent me to a surgeon to see if I needed a biopsy. I took a few courses of antibiotics & the lymph nodes grew more, as well as one in the inguinal region that mildly grew. The surgeon decided to do an incisional biopsy on the inguinal one even though it was tiny compared to the others. she called my mother (but not me, & i was above 18) and told her the biopsy was totally clear, nothing wrong. I find out from my GP that he has to send it to haematology and dermatology because it came back with something called “Dermatopathic Lymphadenopathy”, even though I have never had any sort of skin disorder/disease. They do a CT scan and the haematologist says they are suspicious of lymphoma. However the final answer I get is: “I don’t know. We can’t see any malignancy, but we don’t know what is causing the swollen lymph nodes.” Nothing has been looked into further after this, and I didn’t really care because it’s not malignant.

Fast forward to now. Im with a different GP & a few months ago I had bloodwork done for something unrelated. I went back and looked at the results, and noticed my leukocyte count is marked as “abnormally high”. They are at 12.2 x 10*9/L. So I looked more into it and my Neutrophils are at 9.0 x 10*9/L (90%), and Monocytes at 0.9 x 10*9/L. My red blood cells have also gone down a remarkable amount, but are not below the normal amount.

I have been getting sick extremely frequently & reoccurring infections keep happening, so is this something I should be bringing up to my doctor? Also, is there anyone here who has heard “Dermatopathic Lymphadenopathy” and didn’t have any kind of skin disorder? I’m just starting to feel really nervous because unfortunately a bad habit of mine is falling down rabbit holes on google, and things are lining up. Any help would be appreciated <3
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Hi @kmt666

I saw your post and certainly think your symptoms of frequent recurring illness and infections are worth bringing up with your new GP. It may also be worth bringing up the previous testing and the resulting diagnosis of “Dermatopathic Lymphadenopathy”. Putting myself in your shoes, I'd also follow up on the blood work results you recently received as to what investigation may be in order. If you can, provide your GP with time frames of the recurring illness and infections you have been suffering.

Like you, I tend to research everything, and sometimes it's best left to the professionals to sort out, as frustrating as this can be for us investigative types.

I hope you get timely answers to your questions and situation.

Keep well


@kmt666 I can totally understand your concerns…rabbit hole or not. In my opinion there is nothing normal about what you are going through. I'm not saying you have cancer. I'm saying you need to advocate for yourself. It's unfortunate that when you feel your worst that you have to struggle to get answers. Asks for tests to be done. Ask someone to explain what you are seeing in your results. It's not knowing that is so hard. It's easier, at least for me, when you know what you are fighting.

Let us support you in any way we can. Hopefully you wont need this cancer site but you are not alone if you do.

Please let me know how you make out.


Hello and welcome to the community. I am sorry you find yourself in this place of confusion and nervousness, though both are understandable considering the limbo like state you have been left in. I agree with the others. While I don't want to see you go too deep down a rabbit hole of what ifs etc, I do think it is important for you to have some concrete answers. If it were me, I would go back to my (new ) GP and ensure they are aware of your symptom timelines, blood tests etc and perhaps do another blood test to see where you are at . Ask for explanations on the out of range components of the blood test and what should next steps be. We are our own best advocate and sadly it is up to us to press when we feel our concerns are being ignored or pushed aside.

I am glad you reached out here. Let us know your next steps as you are comfortable and we will support you as best we can.


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