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Tissue Markers
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Do people often have tissue Markers put in their breasts if they don't have a Cancerous Lesion?
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Yes, markers can be placed for non-cancerous lesions. It indicates to future professionals involved in your care the location of breast tissue in question. After the biopsy results are available, if only a wait and see approach is necessary, for example, it will also indicate to professionals reading mammography reports that you had a biopsy in that area so it will not be assessed as additional changes.

I know waiting is difficult so I hope you have the results soon. Do you have activities, friends and family to distract you and support you while you wait? The Cancer Connection community is here for you, too!

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Thank-you so much,it's been driving me crazy. I've googled it as well but there is just too much Information some times. ❤️
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hey there! good Saturday morning to you and welcome to this community.
great question!

I have had multiple biopsies and so many images of my breasts over the years….and only just 6 months ago, had a marker placed!
I was told exactly what @S2020 mentions….it is merely a ‘tool’ for the radiologist to determine if the area is changing. I think it may also be a benefit to folks with #densebreasts.

I had a follow up mammogram recently, and the report indicated that there was ‘no change’ in the area with the marker. that was great news as I had convinced myself that this area was going to be trouble with a capital T!

hope wherever you are today, you can enjoy some sunny summer shenanigans….it is hot in my province, so I will try to find an indoor air-conditioned activity.

cheers and welcome to this community.

#marker #breast #surveillance

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