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Waiting For Biopsy Results

Hey all,

Has anyone had experience with waiting for mole excision biopsy results?

I'll have been waiting for 6 weeks as of Tuesday. I'm in BC and results get posted online and there is literally nothing. I'm so curious if anyone out there has had the experience of getting results. If waiting forever like this means bad things. Or if waiting for forever means nothing.

I had a mole excision last January. The results were posted online within 3 weeks and my doctor phoned me at week 4. Now, six weeks , double the time, later, no results are posted at all. I can't help but draw the comparison in a bad way cause I'm loosing my ever loving mind.

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Can you contact the place that you went to for the excisions? 6 weeks seems a little long to wait. It can be stressful to wait long periods of time for results. It can be as simple as staff shortages in providing results, or forgetting to post a patients results on line. Give them a call and simply explain its been 6 weeks and you have no information to date.

Keep well


@scyllaphynx No one likes the waiting time. It's brutal and people who haven't been through it just don't get it. The time it takes to get results seems to differ, at least for me, how long it took to get results. The pathology report after my mastectomy was 10 to 14 days. The pathology report for my hysterectomy was 4 to 6 weeks. I called my doctor's office enough that she got a better sense of what it was like to wait and she checked for my results each day and called as soon as they were in.

As @ACH2015 said, call if you can. There are mistakes made and no one is going as crazy as you.


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@scyllaphynx Hello and welcome from BC! Let us support you!

As our other members have shared……Please: do call the medical secretary and ask for results?when they will be in?

Be a (polite) bug…..



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A 6-week wait for a biopsy result sounds stressful!

I know from experience that wait times for test results are considerably longer since pandemic restrictions lifted and medical staff are working through backlogs. I am grateful that diagnosis, treatments, surgeries, and test results unfolded very quickly for me throughout the pandemic. Now there are delays for many patients. For example, the wait for quarterly CT results can be up to 3 weeks now and they used to be available previously within 3 days.

However, there can also be mix-ups and oversights. It was months last year before a respirologist’s report was available.

I agree with @ACH2015 @cancertakesflight and @whitelilies that calling would be a good idea.

Waiting is hard and I hope you have your results soon. I hope you return, too, to let us know how you are doing.

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