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Waiting for biopsy results ..
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I did my biopsy on Friday and was told right away there are 2 big lumps in my breast & also has been spread to armpit. I m waiting for the biopsy result to know a bit more but I m not sure if I will pass out at the doctors office hearing the result. My emotion went up and down last couple days, I feel extremely depressed and sometimes I feel positive becoz I know I can’t let myself down and I have a long way to go. I’ve heard so many times breast cancer is very treatable nowadays but I m sure I m not stage 1 or even stage 2, just based on the size of the lumps I have. I was told they were 5 cm and 2 cm…. I m scared to death. I have 2 kids and every time when I look at them I just can’t stop crying and I dunno how to tell my family either. I m also very mad at the same time. I had my breasts checked just around end of May and my gynecologist wasn’t able to find my lump or send me to have ultrasound or anything. And soon after in June I found out the lumps and was told he would call me back but he didn’t. And I wasted 3 more weeks just waiting and thinking it should be fine coz he jsut did check up on me….I m sorry my post is long .. I just need to talk about it and talk to someone about this..
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@Carrieyan Hi Carrieyan…your post is not long; it is perfect; it is you…expressing your worries, your feelings, and more…and Please know; we do understand…..

We all wait…for results…for appts….for surgery…etc……I guess, we have to “learn” to wait…..use this “open” time….to keep busy/get outdoors..walk every opportunity….play with your kids…..do arts & crafts together……decorate the fridge with their talents!

Did they tell you when the biopsy result would be shared with you? Can you call the office and tell them, you are “waiting”, and are able to come to ANY appt, to hear the results…..go on a wait list?

I think….once the treatment/plan is in place….things “settle” a bit…..it will take some time…..so be patient……

I will tag @Runner Girl - please, could you share your amazing list of questions, to ASK at appt/first, with Onco/Surgeon, to discuss biopsy/breast/results and more….thank you….our new member is @Carrieyan from AB !!

We are all here, to support you Carrieyan.


Runner Girl
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Hello and welcome. I'm sorry you've had a wait after finding the lumps. You're right to feel scared, but know that there are lots of treatments out there.

I had 3 lumps, the largest was 2.2 cm. I did not have any node involvement however. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy followed by chemo, herceptin and radiation. I've also had 2 years on tamoxifen and just over a year of Anastrozole. My cancer was IDC, ER+ and HER2+, Stage IIA and Grade 3. My lumps were found at the end of March, 2018, just a couple of months after my mom passed. I was told on May 7 that I had cancer, on May 15 I met my surgeon and on May 23 I had surgery.

Here is my list that @whitelilies has requested I share with you.

Here is a list of questions for your surgeon:
• Am I a candidate for a lumpectomy?
• Do I need a mastectomy? Is reconstruction (plastic surgery) an option for me? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is it possible to avoid removing my nipple and areola?
• Do the lymph nodes in my underarm need to be removed?
• What is a sentinel lymph node biopsy? What are the benefits and risks? Would you recommend it for me?
• What is the risk of lymphedema with a sentinel lymph node biopsy? With axillary lymph node dissection?
• What is the benefit of having more lymph nodes removed?
• What are the side effects of these procedures? Can they be prevented or minimized?
• Should I consider chemotherapy before surgery?
• Will I need radiation therapy after surgery? Does this affect my reconstruction options?
• When do I need to make a decision about surgery?
• What should I do to get ready for the operation? Do you have recommendations on how to help me relax before surgery?
• What medications and supplements should I stop taking? Should I stop taking hormone replacement therapy? What about birth control pills?
• Will you describe exactly what you will do during this operation, and why?
• Will my tumor be saved? Where will it be stored? For how long? How can it be accessed in the future?
• What are the potential risks and side effects of this operation? What can be done to ease side effects following surgery?
• Does the hospital offer programs that help aid healing?
• What can I expect regarding the operation?
• Will I need to be admitted to a hospital for this operation? If so, how long will I stay in the hospital?
• How long will my surgery take?
• What type of anesthesia will I need for this operation?
• How long do I have to wait for my preoperative test results? Do I call you, or does your office call me?
• Will a pathologist examine the tissue and write a report? Who will explain that report to me?
• What are the possible complications for this type of surgery? How would I know if there is a problem?
• How long will it take me to recover after the surgery?
• When can I return to work and other daily activities?
• Will I have stitches, staples, and/or bandages?
• Will there be permanent effects from the surgery?
• Where will the scar be, and what will it look like?
• What type of clothes should I bring to go home in? Will I need a special type of bra?
• Are there instructions or post-operative care pamphlets I can take home with me? When can I shower or bathe?
• Will I need to have surgical drains? What does this mean? How long will the surgical drains be in?
• Do I need a nurse to visit my home after surgery? How is this arranged?
• When will I need to return for a follow-up appointment?
• Will I need help at home after the surgery?
• What kind of pain will I be in afterwards? Can you help me manage my pain?
• When should I call your office if I experience any side effects?

Here is a list of questions you might want to take with when you get your results from the surgeon:
• Is there enough information to recommend a treatment plan for me? If not, which tests or procedures will be needed? Will I need to see other doctors?
• What are my treatment plan options?
• What treatment plan do you recommend? Why?
• When do I need to make a treatment decision?
• Who will be part of my health care team, and what does each member do?
• Who will lead my overall treatment?
• What is the goal of each treatment? Is it to eliminate the cancer, help me feel better, or both?
• What can I do to get ready for treatment?
• If I am worried about managing the costs of cancer care, who can help me? Who can help me understand what aspects of my care are covered by my insurance?
• If I have questions or problems, who should I call?
• Do you communicate with your patients by email or with an electronic health record system?
• If have a strong family history of cancer, what is my chance of getting another cancer? How does that change my treatment options? Should I see a genetic counselor?
• Do you have a social worker I can speak with?
• What should I tell my employer, if anything, and what laws protect my rights as an employee?

I'm glad you're here, you'll find loads of support from women who've been in your shoes. Sending you a big HUG.

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@Carrieyan the waiting game is so hard… Distraction is your friend just now. Keep busy…

we renovated our kitchen while I was going through my biopsy and waiting for the results.

Keeping fingers crossed for you that it’s nothing sinister, but know that we are here if you need us.

big hugs, Essjay

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hi there.

I think size may not tell the whole story. My tumor was 28cm (uterine). My docs expected at that size I would already have lung Mets. But I didn’t. There are lots of factors.

sending u big hugs. Waiting is hard.

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