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BI-RADS 3 Breast mass has changed
I promised myself i wouldn’t worry as I’ve been dealing with check up every six months for the last 1 1/2 years on my rt breast . But just last week my solid mass we have been following i can suddenly feel it . I’ve never been able to feel my lump . I believe it may have grown . Also Now Ive found a small hard lump on my left breast that hasn’t been felt before . Going for a ultrasound in three weeks . It’s a long wait and of coarse I’m so stressed out !
Its hard to not think of the worse .
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@Hockeymom00 of course you are stressed out - it’s a very worrying thing to feel changes are happening to your body. Are you on the list for a cancellation - appointments sometimes come up last minute and you can get in sooner (I was able to do this for my breast biopsy).

As a wise woman said on here you only know what you know today - so right now you have two lumps, but you don’t know if either of them are something harmful…I know for me, I don’t trust my fingers and what I feel, I rely on my doctor and my imaging.

At this time, distraction is your friend. Keeping busy on whatever helps you take your mind somewhere else xx

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@Hockeymom00 Hello and welcome from ON! So glad you reached out to us! Let us support you….and share our experiences with you….

The ol' saying “Just keep busy”…..is easier said than done; However - it works!

Keep yourself busy - no time to think of the what-ifs……think of what can you cook for dinner? Can you vacuum the back seat of your car? Can you drive the hockey team/members to practice - at 6am? Now that will get you going! Can you meet a friend at Timmies to chat? (about fashion……not body parts……just laugh away….) Can you clean the linen closet? Perhaps go for long walks in nature - so calming….

Great idea- call the ofc of Dr/imaging….see if you can get in “earlier”….to relieve your stress (we all have stress, waiting for appts, results and then some)…..Control what you can; and for what you cant…..keep on going….forward….keep healthy….eat right…..keep body strong…..keep mind calm…..

We understand….we are here…..for you!



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