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Just told the news
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Hi I’m a 50 yr old female who found out yesterday I have Breast Cancer. The biopsy of the lump and one lymph node were both cancerous. That’s all I know. Waiting for surgeon to contact me for meeting to discuss what I’m facing. I don’t know stage or anything yet. My Dr had to give me Ativan as I was so worried I’d die of a heart attack before even having the biopsy done. It’s been so hard to get through as this isn’t me - I am always positive - level headed - calm - don’t worry until I have facts - but this has really done me in. I’m an absolute disaster. I didn’t sleep or eat for days - this sent me into quite a tailspin.
The Ativan has helped tremendously. I finally slept which made all the difference. I could stay relatively positive after that. Now im just praying that it’s not the worst news from the surgeon. More waiting. It’s awful
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@GG14 Hello GG and welcome to our caring community…..I am sorry to hear of this VERY recent diagnosis…..oh my gosh…..one day….and you are already reaching out ! This is a community…..that will listen and share and support you; every step of the way.

Glad Ativan helped……

Please…..do not visit Dr Google; it is outdated, and not in your best interest, and does not know YOUR file!……Instead….take some time….read through this site……there is a lot of helpful information.

Perhaps you can join right in, to the Discussion/Thread for Breast Cancer….I will include the link below for your ease, to join in! The link is a great starting place, to post your message (alongside your Intro, above….)….more members will see it; and respond back, sharing their experiences, as well as offering support! Check out Forums/Groups of your choice…

Please know….we all wait…..and waiting is hard…..our minds race….

Please meet @JustJan (Also from ONT) Thank you so much , if you could share your experiences, here, (Breast)….to support our new member @GG14 (Also from ONT)….similar path/Breast…..who received her diagnosis just yesterday!!!! and surely could benefit from your experience, calming words, and more…..much appreciation..I have encouraged our new member…..to join right in to the Breast Cancer Forum too.

Let's Connect & Support in ONT!

Welcome GG14


#newdiagnosis #Breastcancer

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@GG14 welcome to our community. I hope you find it as supportive as I have through my diagnoses and treatment. I was 59 when I was told I had triple negative breast cancer following my screening mammogram. That was in January 2019. The anxiety surround all this was more than I had every experienced in my life. I thought the anxiety might kill me before cancer even had a chance to. Ativan really does help and I’m glad you got some from your doctor. I will say that once I had a treatment plan in place, my anxiety did lessen. In the beginning stages, there is a lot of hurry up and wait. The surgeon may send you you for more tests before finalizing a treatment plan. It will depend on your specific set of circumstances.

I also have a generally positive outlook on life. It will serve you well as you navigate your cancer journey.

If you’ve have questions please ask. I will answer what I can. Know we are here to support you. Sending you a virtual hug.

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@JustJan Thank you so much for your very helpful response. I already can feel the support here in this forum and will most definitely be reaching out often.

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@Whitelilies Thank you for welcoming me and introducing me to others. I will be asking for help along the way. I definitely did stop turning to google. I learned that lesson very quickly - went down many a rabbit hole. I have told my husband he is to do all the research and tell me what I need to know

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@GG14 welcome. I was 49 when I was diagnosed with early stage triple negative breast cancer In 2018. I’m cancer free now. The surgeon will know a little about your cancer from the biopsy such as grade (how fast the cells are changing) and hormone receptors. However, pathology after the surgery will give them the clearest picture for planning treatment.

I found this booklet helpful when first diagnosed…

Breast cancer is extremely treatable these days, so you should have every hope for a full cure.

we are here for you every step of the way. Best wishes. Essjay

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@Essjay Thank you so much for all this information! So incredibly helpful


I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. I hope it can bring you some comfort in knowing you are so not alone in this.

This is an extremely heavy thing to go through and there are no words to explain how devastating and terrifying it is.

I recently had a biopsy for my thyroid this past Wednesday and was told the tumour is cancerous that has spread all through my neck, and now I am in the same position as you in waiting for my biopsy results to see what type of cancer it is. We are going through this at the same time.

I have been told that the waiting is the worst part. Super important we try our best to continue our lives- it is still important and beneficial to eat healthy, and get as much exercise in as our bodies can tolerate. I’m glad you are taking Ativan and that it is helping. Stay busy. Don’t be terrified of the future. Although the future looks uncertain, I tell myself that it is going be the time where I get to finally KILL and FIGHT the cancer that has been thriving inside of me for so long.

It is hard but you will get through this. Sending you so much strength, love, and positivity from ONT. Keep is updated!

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