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Gastro issues and FIT test eligibility
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Hey everyone!

I'm 28 years old and have had some gastro issues over the past year. Went to my doctor about 8 months ago with abdominal pain (appendix area) and she ordered an immediate abdominal ultrasound and later on an internal uterine ultrasound. Was not my appendix (thankfully). Everything came back negative so she diagnosed me with IBS.

I changed up my diet a bit and it helped the pain but I'll occasionally still get flair ups. Over the past month though I've been experiencing some constipation and weight loss. I have a history of melanoma that was dealt with when I was a teenager and was screened regularly up till 4 years ago (then got discharged at the 10 year post treatment mark). Because of this, I'm pretty anxious about changes in my health.

Because of my age, I'm the technically not eligible for a FIT test (or colonoscopy), but these are things I'd like to get done for preventative reasons and the gastro issues this past year. Is it possible to purchase a FIT test? I'll call my doctor this week about a possible colonoscopy but always feel awkward advocating for myself. In the meantime, a FIT test would help ease my anxiety a bit so any advice is welcome. Thank you!
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I'd speak with the doctor and explain your concerns. Many tests are geared to our age, however, if your doctor believes your situation warrants a test it should be provided.

Colonoscopies are somewhat invasive tests, and the risk / benefit (you mention IBS) needs to be assessed to the individual. Talk to your doctor, mention your previous cancer diagnosis, the situation and that monitoring has now ended, and determine which test(s) suits your concerns and current symptoms.

Asking questions of our medical teams are very important, and we need to believe we are being monitored in a timely and appropriate manner geared to our unique needs. Your questions and concerns are valid - so don't second guess yourself - just ask the questions and satisfy yourself in moving forward with the recommendations provided.

Keep well


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I was diagnosed with IBS following a colonoscopy. I had a discussion with my GP and was referred to a Gastroenterologist who performed my colonoscopy, determined my diagnosis and has prescribed medications to try to help with it.

I suggest you discuss same with your GP and ask for a referral. Having the colonoscopy will likely determine the cause of your pain and problems and how to proceed.

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@Mbain Hello and welcome……I agree, with what other members have shared earlier….Please DO advocate for yourself……DO ask your GP for a F.I.T. test…..I am in ONT too….I believe/am not sure…that you cannot “buy” a F.I.T. test….where would the results go? I hope you can get FIT arranged……get those results…and let that “guide” you, and your self advocacy……

Let us not “plan” a colonoscopy, just yet…..if that is needed…we will support you……

Book an appt with your GP…..start there……Please keep us posted…..

We are all here, to support you.



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@Mbain it is definitely worth having the discussion with your GP. Even though tests may be recommended for screening for certain age groups, it doesn’t preclude a doctor from ordering them when the situation warrants it. I would explain about your melanoma and your anxiety that something else may be going on. You can advocate for yourself without being confrontational or even assertive. I think your health and peace of mind are worth the conversation.

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