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Psuedomyoxoma Peritonei….. anyone have any experience with this and how you cope?

I had MOAS in 2018 and there was an area they could not get to that has a slow growing tumour. It is now starting to affect my health. Does anyone have any experience with this and how you cope day to day?

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@Missianne71 Hello and welcome to our caring community…..I am sorry for your reason to join us; but glad you did. Please know you have found a group of people who are eager to listen and share and support one another……Thank you for sharing a bit more, about you. I googled PMP, and read that it (mostly) starts in the Appendix……I checked the site…and found a member, and I hope they will respond back, to share their experiences, and that you can “connect”.

Please meet @Meg20 Thank you so much Meg…..if you could share your experiences, here (Appendix), to support our new member, also on a similar path, eager to connect with others…..much appreciation.

There is a section under “Forum/Rare Cancer”……this is where I saw Meg20/profile.

As you read through the site…..if you wish to reach out/'tag'/connect with any member,just type “@”screen name (no space after @) and a few names will drop down; select name you wish; turns blue; this is OK; they will receive your message.

Let us support you….

Welcome Missianne


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