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Hi not sure what to say but i have cancer it started off as endometrial cancer cells but the specialist lied about times and things it ended up being full blown cancer as first i was told it needed removed within 6 weeks so it wouldn't turn into full cancer the second doc said not to worry i had 2 yrs but within 6 months it matastisized and was told they would remove everything including the lymph nodes in my groin but they did not remove them now i have cancer on my main atery on a lymph node in my groin its the worst pain ever then i got cancer in my lungs im not sure how i got this but im now at end of life they will not resusitate for any reason im so made its supposed to be my choice but i dont have any they wont do chemo or radiation as it made me very ill but i wanted to try again now they have me on 80 mg of magestrol twice a day its a huge dose and I'm told either it will kill me or the blood clots it can cause will so that's basically my story i suffer 24 hours everyday i can work I'm on oxygen if i do go to the store once in a blue moon i suffer for days my skin breaks down all this could have been prevented if at the very beginning if i was listened to instead of being told to go home and loose some weight i was working 12 hour shifts full time come home run my home do my gardens look after my pool what more could i do I'm mad at the system because now treatments have been cut due to money being used for covid not where it really needs to go this came from my doc as his wife is in same position as i am dying of cancer and cant get the treatment she needs i live and pray that every morning i wake up my lady ct scan told them i wont be here next xmas so was told to make the most of this one but they have lied to me so much i dont know who to listen to anymore so we live for the day
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@Tanny Hello Tanny….welcome to our caring community……I am sorry for your reason to join us here; but glad you did….we are all here, to listen and share experiences (both good & bad)…..and support each other.

I read, and re-read your “Intro”….made me sad and mad! I understand “medical errors”…..but the “lying” is bothersome….

Can you get another Medical Opinion? Is your Family Dr on your side? If yes, can they arrange more meds/tests, anything, that may help you?

Yes, covid added an extra layer of stress, on the medical system AND the community……everyone is affected….

Please keep posting, sharing…we are all listening….and soon, other members will chime in, and say hello to you!

If you wish to reach out/'tag' another member….just type “@”screen name (no space after @) and a few names will drop down; select name you wish; turns blue; they receive your message.

Welcome Tanny!

We understand!



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Just wanted to reach out and let you know you are not alone in cancer. And not alone in stage 4 cancer. Lungs is the most common place my cancer is expected to travel. Every back pain, always has me wonder a little. My next scan is in Jan. I get a CT every 3 months. Lately I've had a terrible pain in my right side, that never quite leaves me.. always makes me wonder a little.

Cancer sucks, no getting around that.

I hope you find some joy this holiday season and are surrounded by love and someone is taking care of you.

Be kind to yourself.

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