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Kidney Mass
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I was in the ER late September because I had been feeling very unwell . I have Crohns and thought perhaps I may have been starting a flare . Or … having issues with right kidney stones again .
They did a CT scan on my abdomen .

Now I just found out that the CT showed a mass on my right lower kidney pole . I am scheduled for an MRI on December 18th .

I can’t seem to stop myself from worrying ….
I have been feeling so sick, nausea, fatigue , no appetite…. And now I’m thinking

Do I have Kidney Cancer ??
what does this mass mean ??

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@Tobi, I am sorry to read you are feeling sick and now have this additional worry of a mass on one of your kidneys.

It is good your doctor is being thorough and following up with an MRI. Not all masses in the kidneys are cancer. Some people have benign tumours, such as hemangiomas, in the kidneys.

Waiting for tests and results is difficult. I hope you have activities to keep you busy and occupied while you wait. Ensure that one of those activities is NOT reading about kidney cancer. It will not be helpful.

Wishing you the best possible outcome with your MRI. I hope you return to let us know how you are doing.

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@Tobi Hello Tobi and welcome from ON! So glad you connected here with us! You have found a caring community….we are eager to listen and share and support one another.

If you wish to reach out/"tag" another member….type “@"screen name (no space after @) and a few names will drop down; select name you wish; turns to blue; this is OK; they will receive your message/post.

I , for one, am sorry, in that I am simply, not able to say, whether or not, you have Kidney Cancer. Heck, I am not a Dr; which is a good thing! (Scared of my own shadow…..)

Well….you as well….are not a Doctor….so you cannot self-diagnose. Please…..do NOT google ! It will do you no good…..it is outdated, and not geared to “your” body/your situation.

Trust in your Doctor…..the MRI date is not that far away……use this “open time” to your favour!! Clean your car - back seat too - fill the freezer - shovel the driveway AND your neighbours' too - go for long walk in the local park - go to the library, and read a book - and take 3 out - keep busy……

Worry, can cause us to be tired, fatigued, loss of appetite…worry goes hand in hand with other “symptoms”….anxiety plays a role too……

Eat well…..exercise….do yourself only “good”…..and soon the MRI will be complete…..and you will receive more information…….We are all here, for that point in time.

Right now - you have NO diagnosis……..breathe out.


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@Tobi Hi Tobi…..hope MRI (Dec 18th) goes smoothly…..

Tips (if you have not had an MRI)…..try counting, in your head…makes the time go faster….tell technician, if you feel a bit anxious before hand….they have comforting ways….tell technician to “talk” to you a lot, while you are in the MRI machine…..they may say “2 min for this area scan”…..and you know 2 min are done…..ask your Family Dr IF you wish an anti anxiety med…..ie 1 dose of Ativan….for calm/comfort…..Lastly: Closes your eyes…..no need to see machine….

Almost Lastly: Please know they give you a hand-held device (like a ball)….and IF you need scan to end…..you simply push the button……this just gives you extra confidence, that you CAN get through it…..time will fly!

Good Luck - Whitelilies

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