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Waiting- Ovarian Cancer
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Hello there.. I had an ultrasound performed on November 22, 2021. The tech hinted at the findings being very serious. However I am uncertain yet what exactly he meant. This was a follow up ultrasound from 2 months ago when I had a

cyst rupture.
However.. The tech told me there is apparently something occuring that he stated, my doctor should have thoroughly discussed with me.
I have images of my ultrasound. I was told the areas of concern but not the pathology behind whatever the reasoning. I was told this report would be available today. I however have cried.
started planning my funeral basically.
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@Rae.M.Elle welcome! I hope you get the answers you need today. I know its hard not to go ‘there’, but you dont know yet for certain. If it turns out to be cancer, we will be here to support you. Treatments have come such a long way in the last few years. Many people are surviving and living long productive lives now. In the meantime, do you have a support system? Things you like to do for distraction? Let us know what you learn and we will help you with anything you need going forward.

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@Rae.M.Elle Hello and welcome from ON! I am from ON as well……

Hold ALL thoughts…..you do NOT have a diagnosis……please….do not google….it does you no good.

Did you learn anything new today/appt today? Share, as you are comfortable…..Technicians, I believe, are not permitted, to say a word…..of course we patients “try to read their facial expressions” etc…..it is hard…..to not know; I do understand…..

So; now….breathe…..no “planning” of anything like what you mentioned…..no no no…..we are all here for support…….

Hey; first “be told” what is happening?

Then; we carry on…..heads held up high….we learn and self educate….and simply: Lean On Us.



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Hello @Rae.M.Elle

Welcome to the forum. I, for one, am sorry that the technician spoke up…I believe that they should not be speaking about things without the knowledge and authority that the doctor would have. (no offense to any technicians reading this) I think this is causing you stress that you need not have. You need answers from the doctor who ordered the scans.

I had an Ovarian cancer diagnosis last year. The ultrascan was a first indicator only. The diagnosis was made through an MRI, CTscan, uterine biopsy (had spread to the uterus) and a CA125 blood test. I had surgery and chemo and have had clear scans ever since. I am on medication to keep the chance of a recurrence down. So…at this moment I am living my life and I am in great shape (just a bit tired)…no plans for a funeral for at least 15 years. I have kids to raise…period.

I hope that this is something benign but…please…wait until you get a definitive before you decide how this is going to go. If it is cancer - know that many of us here are living proof that we can live life fully well past our ‘expiry’ dates.

Sending best thoughts to you. Please reach out again.


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hi there.

I had a 28 cm tumor removed May 2020. (size/weight of a baby)

But I have survived. Still here.

Dr. Google is not your friend right now.

There are many things that go into diagnosis. And we all must wait at times.

Be kind to yourself, stay busy.


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