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Need advice, opinion,
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Ok i will Tru to keep it short,

I have a Bosniac III cyste on my kidney for about 4 years now, and it's filled with liquid, so a biopsy cannot be done, and I have 50% chances it's cancer, and my doctor says I have to make a decision if I go through surgery i might loose my kidney, or risque infection and go through recovery, or continue my yearly scan, to follow the progress of it, so far it is growing but at a very small paste, what do you guys think?

Thank you

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Hi @Debbie5,

That sounds like a tough decision. Have you had a second opinion by a nephrologist and/or urologist?

Below is a link with more information re: surgery vs active surveillance for Bosniak III & IV cysts:


Also, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Information Specialists may be able to provide you with more information or direct you to additional resources to help with your decision.


It really sounds as if you need another opinion from a medical professional. Whatever you decide, wishing you the best possible outcome. I hope you return to let us know how you are doing.

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How do I ask for a second opinion to another specialist, it's already hard getting to see one specialist?
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Many of us seek a 2nd opinion for several reasons. And I am one of them.


The above link is from this link courtesy of the CCS https://cancer.ca/en/living-with-cancer/coping-with-changes/working-with-your-healthcare-team

Give both links a look and you will find them very helpful.

Keep well


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