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Dr called
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sadly my dr called yesterday..I have breast cancer..it's a shock..
I have to have xray and blood work and surgical oncologist will call me
Friend with me and my sons arriving soon to stay with me..
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Runner Girl
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Hi @Tui

I'm sorry you have received a cancer diagnosis. Take a bit of time to deal with the emotions that come with that. Be kind to yourself. Then it's time to get busy and deal with getting it out, getting treatment and living the rest of your life!

I was diagnosed in 2018 with IDC, ER+ and HER2+ (this is aggressive). I had a lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy, chemo, radiation, herceptin, tamoxifen and I'm now on an aromatase inhibitor. My cancer is gone and has not come back yet and hopefully never will.

Even those who have recurrence are able to do alright. I'm going to tag @Mammabear to share her words of wisdom with you.

Sending you a big HUG!

Runner Girl

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You at the beginning. I feel for you. Glad you have friends and family showing up. Give yourself some grieving time. It is a shock.

Once your doctors gather more information, you will get a plan. You will gain back some control. You'll have options.

Sending you hugs.

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@Tui Hello……Thank you for sharing….what the Dr said….yes “those words” are difficult to hear…….hurts your core…….take a bit of time….to “just be”……then, at some point (soon)…..you will be ready to forge ahead….and please lean on us.

When I was told I had cancer…..I just recall my tears…..then one day; no more……I actually called BACK the Dr's office, and was ready to talk and listen and get the help I needed……So…..just know…we all react in our own personal way……I agree, that once you have a “plan” (of treatment)…….it is a feeling of more control….the unknown is difficult….so right now….please…..just breathe out…..do NOT read Dr Google……it is outdated and not going to boost your spirits….ask your Dr all the questions you have……

We are here, to support you…..in every way.



@Tui sending you hugs and care. Please rely on those around you as us caregivers are there to love and support you through this journey 💕

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Welcome @Tui , words of wisdom @Runner Girl asked for… hmmm

This is scary. Stay off Dr. Google - outcomes are old and not accurate. I have triple positive and was stage 1 at first diagnosis in 2014. Came back in 2019 and now I am stage 4. But I am stable and working and living my life. Just got back from walking the dog in the POURING rain - fall in Vancouver.

You are at the beginning and my most important words are that cancer will teach you to wait….

Wait for a diagnosis

Wait for a test

Wait for a result

Wait for a treatment plan

Wait for treatment to start

Wait for it to end

Wait to see what side effects will be

Wait for the side effects to pass

Wait to hear you are in remission

Wait to feel normal

and me… I wait for a cure

Hang in there. It won't be easy, but you can do it.

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