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Core biopsy
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I've recently had mammogram..ultra sound and yesterday core biopsy....I feeling sad a teary..thinking the worse
now the waiting begins
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@Tui Hello and welcome from BC! So glad you reached out to us! We are a caring community….eager to listen and share and support one another. Have a look through the site…..there is a lot of helpful information.

Say hello, introduce yourself, when you feel ready to……other members will be here to say hello! (link is below). If you wish to reach out/tag another member….type “@”screen name…a few will drop down; tap at name you wish…turns blue….this is good! Then only that person gets a notification, of a message, for them.

Please meet: @supersu Thank you so much, if you could share your experience/knowledge of a Core Biopsy…..to kindly support our new member…..much appreciated.

Please know……we all understand how difficult it is, to wait! We all wait for a test, a test result, a follow up appt, a call….and more…..we have become, by no choice of our own: Waiting Experts!. Try, not to get ahead of your sad-thoughts (I do understand, though)….please get the results…..and then, cross whatever, bridge; at that point. We will support you, no matter the outcome…..we want you to feel, connected with us.

Welcome again



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When I was 40 my baseline mammogram found a lump on the left side. I had all the testing including 12 core biopsies. The result was atypical lobular hypoplasia. It was not cancer. I had a lumpectomy to remove it anyway as if left in place it could become cancer down the road.

When I was 52 (2018) I found 2 lumps at the base of my right breast, they were cancer. I had another lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy, no spread to lymph nodes. I have completed chemo, radiation, herceptin, 2 years of tamoxifen and I'm now on an aromatase inhibitor.

I know the waiting is awful, but try not to go to the dark side. This doesn't always mean you have cancer. If you don't, we will celebrate with you. If you do we will walk this journey with you and celebrate as you hit the milestones.

I run to quash my anxiety, what works for you?

Runner Girl

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@Tui welcome although I’m sorry you find yourself here. I was called back for a contrast mammogram, ultrasound and core biopsy following my screening mammogram. I did ask the radiologist when she finished the biopsy whether she found anything concerning on the tests performed that day and she said it was cancer but we wouldn’t know the type until pathology came back. Even knowing it was cancer, waiting for the results was torture.

If you can, please don’t google because it will only serve to heighten your anxiety. Much of the information is outdated, and some even incorrect.

Many biopsies come back negative and I do hope that is true for you. Know that we are here to help support you whatever the outcome.

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thanks for your post! it is not easy going thru a biopsy is it?
I hope yours was very comfortable, like mine all were, in terms of pain etc etc…the most uncomfortable part for me is ALWAYS the waiting for test results!

waiting for results and letting your mind go bonkers is NOT fun.
intellectually we know that the majority of biopsies are benign, but for some reason when it becomes you….it just feels more scary.

I will cross my fingers that your results are favourable…and you can heave a huge sigh of relief.

know that there is a large community here that can help with information, tips and support and we are available any time to discuss this and anything else.

try to enjoy this weekend. here in alberta the sun will shine and it will be great days to get out and enjoy nature.
do let us know how things work out if you are feeling up to sharing.


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