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I am 62 year old male.. recent blood work was Kappa light chain 36mg/l (almost double)with a kappa/ lambda ratio of 4.34(double) from the normal my understanding is that this is heading to myeloma. Doctor today said it is looking like that waiting for an appointment with a hematologist. Any advice going forward? I am new to this forum

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Hi @Mitch62

The waiting for testing and consults is tough - especially when cancer has been mentioned, but not confirmed yet.

Some links to information from the CCS for you:

This link provides general information about multiple-myeloma


The link below is a good one to help prepare for the consult and get your list of questions ready for the consult.


It is easy to say - but another thing to do in keeping productively distracted until you get some concrete information here.

Do your best to get out and get exercise, it helps burn stress and helps us sleep as well.

Also, if needed once testing is done - click on the Forums bar at the top of the screen, click on Cancer Types and Click on Multiple Myeloma. The forums are a place to read and share with people in similar situations as we are.

Hope this helps, being prepared and informed helped me deal with my cancer, and gives us some level of control.

All the best to you. Hope the GP is wrong, but you need to get a diagnosis and get things figured out.


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