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Cervical Cancer Screening for people with HPV-16
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Hello everyone, I am very new to anything related to cancer diagnostics and completely puzzled regarding how does it work in Canada (Ontario in particular).
My fiancee is moving to Canada soon. She has HPV-16 and needs fluid cytology, ultrasound and HPV tests to be done every six months. I have heard number of stories about many months delays in screening.
Could you confirm if that is actually the case? And whether there are any private organizations that can provide such tests in Canada?

Please forgive me if I use wrong/incorrect terms and thank you in advance.

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Good afternoon!
I believe she will need to set up with a family doctor or even a walk-in clinic get an appointment for her Pap Test or to be referred to a gynecologist. I am not sure where you are in Ontario, but I know all of my friends have had problems booking their screening this past year as many physicians have not been accepting in person appointments this year so far, including physicals. The intervals for follow-ups will come from the doctor(s) based on her test results.

I am currently being followed for high-risk HPV and abnormal cytology and have been able to have my 6-month follow ups at Women's College (Toronto) although my colposcopy last year was slightly postponed due to COVID delays. I was referred there by my family doctor. Once you are identified as high risk, there isn't really a delay: it is getting the initial appointment which may be an issue, although hopefully that is turning around.

Here is the link to screening in Ontario, if you call Health Care Connect and explain the situation you may have some luck with them setting your partner up with a doctor as soon as possible :

* there is a walk-in clinic in Missisauga which has an on-site gynecologist which may be a good bet and is taking appointments (I went there last year). Feel free to message me and I will give you the name and number.

I have my fingers crossed for you both!
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Thanks a lot DanaVice!
I finally started getting understanding how the whole system works. I appreciate the extended info you gave in the answer. I will definitely call CCCO first thing in the morning.
It is also a great relief to feel supported I thought I am just throwing my question into darkness without any luck in getting replies. Thank you for that.
We both have our fingers crossed for you too!
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