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Right breast lump
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Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum. About a month ago, had my routine mammogram. At the time the technician made a comment that the “shape” of my breast had changed and that I would most likely be called back. I was called the very next day to have a more site specific mammogram and breast ultrasound the following week. Again the ultrasound technician made a comment about the lump that was seen. As a side note, I should add I’m the person that reads into any comment or statement that is made. I had an appointment with my family doctor a few days later which she told me there was a highly suspicious lump found. I am now going for a biopsy tomorrow and an appointment has been made to see a surgeon for next week. My head has been spinning and even though my family doctor advised me to not cross that bridge until I need to I cannot help it. I have been scouring this forum which has given me so much information, I feel so unprepared. I did find a previous post where someone posted what questions to ask at the surgeon’s appointment which I plan to have on hand. I’m not sure what else I should prepare myself for. Thank you to everyone.
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Dakley‍ Hello and welcome to our caring community! I hope the biopsy tomorrow is quick and over and done with as fast as possible. Perhaps, as the Dr when the results are ready? Who notifies you? Is it your GP? Is it the hospital breast clinic?
Get clarity. Not knowing, is difficult....try to keep your mind busy......walk outdoors.....sip tea on the porch.....vacuum the basement.....stock the pantry....try not to think of much.....just keep busy!
As the old saying goes; Don't put the cart, before the horse.
We are here for you.....
I am in Ontario too; treated at Sunnybrook & NYGH.
Welcome Dakley....
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Hi Dakley

I am sorry to hear of your suspicious lump.

When I had my scans for a lump I found, they told me my BI-RADS score before my biopsy. it will be part of the report from your mammogram and ultrasound if you had one.

My score was a 5, So I knew bf the biopsy there was a 95% chance it was cancer. I wanted to know.

The biopsy then just confirmed what type and stage.

Good luck!
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Thank you Whitelilies‍ and chrys21‍ for responding. I have the surgeon appt next week for the results and am assuming the next step discussion. My GP gave me my ultrasound report which I saw the Bi-rad score of 5, annoying that she didn’t bother to mention it. I had to see it myself. 😤 I guess the biopsy today is the key to beginning this whole process. Thank you all! You have all been key to understanding, processing this scary, unknown time.

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Wanted to wish you well with the biopsy. I know it's hard not to be scared right now, I sure was when I went for my biopsy.

In March 2018 I found 2 lumps in my lower right breast. Turns out there was actually 3, one was off on its own a little further away. I had to have all 3 biopsied. The doctor and nurse were really very nice and as gentle as they could be. I was quite sore going home so have whomever is driving you try to avoid all the bumps in the road.

When you're up to it let us know how you are doing.

Runner Girl
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hello! welcome to this support/information/friend site!

I hear you re: 'the person that reads into any comment'........I'll do you one better---when they don't look me in the eye, when 'they', (technologists), are speaking to me, I KNOW it is SOMETHING big and/or bad! ha ha ha -- totally UNTRUE, but you know.......

at this point you cannot prepare for what you don't know....but a great idea is to always have your notebook close by and jot down any/every question that pops into your head.
my number 1 pro tip is to ask your family doc for COPIES of EVERY SINGLE REPORT. I am 1.5 years from my Left Breast Cancer diagnosis, and I STILL refer to these documents.
then, once you get the biopsy results you can hone in on exactly what you need to know, and prepare your fine tuned list of questions.

let us know how things turn out....here in Alberta I had a recent biopsy on the THURSDAY before the long weekend, and even with a RUSH stamp on it, didnt get the results till the following WEDNESDAY......so DON'T be like me and drive yourself crazy.....put it out of your mind, and have a wonderful weekend.


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Dakley‍ welcome...

The waiting for results is always tough...Hope you are doing ok after the biopsy. Feels like the longest week to wait I know, but at least you will know...

I found this list useful when I was planning to meet the surgeon, although I already had my biopsy results then so went in knowing it was definitely cancer...


My husband and I sat down and wrote our own list. He hoped to join me for the appointment but was unable to, but he had his own questions which I asked for him.

The biggest thing I wasn’t prepared for was being asked to make a decision as to whether I wanted a lumpectomy or mastectomy. This seemed such a big decision to be making. I actually asked my surgeon how he would advise his wife - his response was for lumpectomy which is where I was leaning. It seemed right in my situation.

Be kind to yourself this week - you are being thrown into this super quickly and it’s a lot to deal with. Best wishes, Essjay
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Thank you all so much for the kind words and the wisest advice. There are so many things I had not even thought of and it’s been such a sense of relief to know there are so many warriors out there. The biopsy was meh! I’ve had 2 before, but this time it was different, that it was being done to confirm what type of cancer, not if there’s a possibility of cancer. I am trying to keep myself busy so I don’t go down that dark hole. These next 6 days will be the longest but it helps knowing you are all here. Thank you all again.
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