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HPV papilloma on tonsil
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Hi everyone - I woke up three days ago to see a spike of skin pointing out of my right tonsil. It's hard to the touch and I have got a persistent sore throat since it arrives. I'm terrified that it's HPV and I don't know how to get a physical health appointment in the new reality. I'm caught up in a telemedicine loop and I desperately need someone to look at my throat. I am in Montreal, QC.

Does anyone diagnosed with HPV on tonsils recognize this?

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Hello and welcome Brent514

I am sorry for the worry you are going through right now. Do you have aAnother family doctor or a walk in clinic near y. I know my medical clinic will see patients if it is deemed something that cannot be done over the phone. Another option is a something like Babylon Health. It is a n app where you are seen by a doctor virtually but you can upload photots to the doctor, and they can do referrals as necessary. I have used them in the past and found it to be very helpful.

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