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Gallium PET Scan
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Has anyone had a Gallium PET Scan lately in BC . My Dr's Assistant said the wait period could be 8 months to get a date for the Scan
Its a very uncommon test that is only done once a week I am told
Does this sound correct
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ceasar009‍ Thank you for reaching out. I did a search of the site and I have only found one reference to a gallium PET scan. Perhaps you would have better luck looking on the site for you particular type of cancer. You don't mention it in your post.

And you're right, 8 months is a long time.

Have you already had a cancer diagnosis or is this test to help determine if you have cancer. Waiting is bad enough, but possibly waiting 8 months. Is your doctor aware of the wait time. If you haven't already discussed the wait time with your doctor, might I suggest that you do. Sometimes you have to advocate for yourself to get the tests that you deserve.

If you are willing to share your type of cancer (either what someone suspects or what has been confirmed as your type of cancer) it might make it easier to find someone who has been in your shoes.

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woah! interesting question. this a wonderful place to ask any/all questions and get responses and support from folks who have some shared experiences.

I am a breast cancer patient and I am also a nuclear medicine technologist. I work in a community clinic that does not have a PET scanner so I had to look up this scan, as it is not something I am familiar with--it must be rare indeed! health care is stretched to the limits right now. 8 months is a very long time to wait for a test.

I guess my next questions for my doc would be:
are there any other tests/exams that I could have to give us some clarity?
could I travel to a different community with a larger PET programme to get the Gallium PET scan sooner?
what would you suggest if your family member were in my situation?

in my experience the waiting and not knowing was the worst part of my story -- once I knew what was what, and could start being an active patient my anxiety levels returned to normal

I hope you can get some answers more quickly than 8 months ;)


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Thanks Super , that's good advice . There is a Pet Scan in 3 cities in BC . Not sure if they can all perform the Gallium. I had a Octreotide Scan done approx 6 weeks ago
Request for Surgeons Asst was sent through on Friday for a Gallium ... he had just mentioned to me be prepared to wait 6-8 mos was his comment.
I will wait to confirm that from the Nuc Med and if that is the case make sure my Surgeon is aware of the wait time.

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