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How quickly can my health decline?
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I have stage 4 lung cancer. Not getting chemo. I have been feeling really good! But I am curious to know if my health will slowly decline, or could it change suddenly?
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Welcomes Monalb62‍ ....that is hard question to answer but I'm going to tag @WWestCoastSailor‍ and Kuching‍ snd Dauntless‍ who are living with stage 4 lung cancer and may be able to help.
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@Monalb62 Welcome.

I am so sorry about your diagnosis and can relate to your need to know how the cancer will effect your future. May I ask what prognosis your doctors shared with you?

It is good that you have reached out to the connection because there are many here with a diagnosis of lung cancer who I sure will share their experiences and knowledge with you. There are so many questions and often no easy answers as everyone‘s experience can be different for a variety of reasons. I found that when I was diagnosed with breast cancer it really helped me to know others really got what I was feeling.

Click on #LungCancer and you will see posts from others with lung cancer. You might also want to browse the groups and look at the section in black at the bottom of each page which has other resources.

Again welcome and please let me know if you have any question.

Hope your treatment goes well.



This is an extremely difficult question. I remember clearly asking my wife's doctor about her prognosis and though it was pancreatic cancer his answer applies. "Before I tell you what I think will happen, let me tell you that we mostly get it wrong."

Depending on the type of lung cancer, it can go really slowly or it can go quite quickly.

There are so many questions. Is it a personal choice not to do chemo? Or is none being offered? Were biomarkers checked?

I sense that you are trying to look forward and see were this journey is going to take you. Your oncologist is the one most familiar with your situation and will be able to give you the best picture. They may be reluctant but with the understanding they will have some idea. Recognize that they may have some difficulty talking about death and do anything you can to make it easy for them to be honest.

And that I can tell you will depend a lot on your attitude. Have the difficult conversations and then enjoy life.

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Monalb62‍ Hello from Ontario. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in June 2019, and still have absolutely no symptoms. I had mets in my hip, and my doctor said that’s what would start hurting first, but it never did, and now it’s pretty much healed up. I still have a large tumour in my lung, but lungs don’t feel pain, so I don’t feel a thing.

You say no chemo. Is that by choice? Have they tested you for genetic markers that might make you eligible for either targeted therapy or immunotherapy? I am on targeted therapy, and have been right from the start, no other treatment. I take a pill a day and forget about it. I hope you will be able to do the same!

As Angus likes to say, lung cancer is no longer a death sentence, but more like a chronic disease. Please let us know how you are doing.
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