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Cavitary Lung Lesion and Mediastinal Lymph Nodes
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Hi, I'm scared and not sure where to turn. So here I am hoping to get some info and support. My husband is 51 and has been a smoker since 15. Last Monday he went to the ER for chest pain and was admitted due to an abnormal CT SCAN of his lungs. Today they successfully took 3 samples of the cavitary nodule which measures 4cm x 3cm in his right lung.
The doctor isn't saying a lot right now but did agree with me when I expressed my concern about this being live changing news.

I was able to get all of the records from his stay list week but not entirely sure what I am looking for.

1. Does anyone have a similar situation that they can share with me?

2. What am I supposed to do between now and getting the results?

3. He doesn't want to know anything about it and as such has not even goggled the terms the doctors are using. I did and I am scared.

Thank you for listening ...
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The oncologist is your best resource. Your husband will be assigned to one once all the initial work up / tests are completed by the Hospital.

This link Questions to ask when you have cancer is from the Cdn. Cancer Society and is a good resource to formulate questions you have.

This is a brand new video in the Treatments and Side effects forum Understanding Staging and Grading gives simple explanation of this basic and important information.

I don't have specific information re his cancer type. Perhaps another member will post for you here.

Hope this helps get you started for preparation and understanding what the situation is and what the treatment plan / options will be.

Keep well.

Hello and welcome Kalyfl

I am sorry for what you and your husband are going through. I can understand why you are scared. Did the ER Dr say it may be cancer?
When are you expecting to get the results? Has he been referred to a specialist or back to his GP?

As to what to do between now and the results, I would say try not to get to far ahead of yourself until you get some answers. I am well aware that is easier said than done, but try as best you can to keep you both distracted for now..

I am glad you posted and we will be here with you as you wait.

Take care

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The ER doctor hasn't said a lot about anything to be honest, but I have read it in his medical chart. Expecting results Monday and will have to see our GP.

They did mention while he was admitted that the nurse was unaware that the Dr had already given the Cancer diagnosis.

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