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Going from a simple procedure for bleeding nose to urgent catscan for possible cancer, I’m mortified!
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I went for what I thought was a simple get my nose cauterized & done! Well, walked out with a referral to an ORL, only went cause my nose started to bleed again. Well, it’s been hell since!

Dr said it would require surgery, there is a growth in my nostril of which he said to me it’s been growing for a long time. I’ve only noticed it a few weeks ago.

He he didn’t say what he thought it was but sent me for a catscan & wants it done in 2 weeks!

I am thinking the worst, am 55 and been a heavy smoker for 40 years so I’m freaking out!

im shaking, throwing up & scared. How do I go through the waiting game without losing my mind?
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Runner Girl
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Hello Dmella‍ ,

Try to go with what you know to be true right now. You have a growth, the nature of it is unknown at this time, so instead of going all the way to the dark side try to remain somewhere in the in-between. It could be something bad, it could not be something bad. Freaking out about it will do nothing but make you upset to the point you are at - shaking, throwing up and scared. Because you are a smoker, maybe there's a higher chance that you could have something bad, maybe not. My mom was a heavy smoker yet when she passed she did not have a lick of cancer in her body, she died from untreated diverticulitis.

Try to occupy your mind with other things until the test date arrives. Keep yourself busy and keep your stress levels down. As we know, stress does bad things to your body.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2018. My mom passed in January, my lumps were found at the end of March. I had mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsy and then the diagnosis. I was freaked out, but I was also angry and the anger and determination to win got me thru treatment to today when my cancer is now gone.

Until you know for sure what this is try to stay away from the dark side, it's hard, I know.

Runner Girl
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