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Previous cervical cancer, now dysplasia, treatment delayed
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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2010, and clear until 2015. At that point I was diagnosed with stage 1 dysplasia. 2 different surgeons retired on me, and then I couldn't get a referral. Wasn't able to find a new gyne until recently. I now have stage 3 dysplasia aka stage 0 cervical cancer.

Due to covid restrictions I'm having trouble being seen. It will probably be cancer again before I can get any treatment.

If you had dysplasia that turned into cervical cancer, how did it progress? Does it progress slowly or do you just wake up stage 4. Sorry if I'm not making much sense. I'm having trouble eating today and I'm very tired.
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hi there
That is worrisome. Can you new gyne not get you a surgery consult anywhere?
I don't have dysplasia so can't help there.
I do hope you get in to see someone soon.
Best thoughts.
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