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Pain post biopsy
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Hey everyone!
I can’t find any other topics about this so just posting to see if anyone else has had this experience.
I had a biopsy (core needle) on my left breast just over a month ago. It wasn’t painful but there was a lot of bruising. Now, the side of by breast is tender and I can feel a lump. (It was microcalcifications that were biopsied so nothing to feel before). Could this be a result of a hematoma or something? And if so will it eventually go away on its own? Thanks for your expertise!
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Hi JayJay10‍ I had a biopsy once where the person who did it caused a massive amount of bruising. My symptom for cancer was blood coming from my nipple and my breast swelled so much that I wasn't leaking any blood for awhile. Each day I saw a new colour on my breast, but I never felt a lump. In fact, as I mentioned, my symptom was the whole nipple thing. There wasn't any lump. I would get it checked. Even if I said that I had the same thing happen, I would still get it checked because everyone is different. It could be nothing, but I always like to know for sure for my own piece of mind.

Sorry you are going from one stressor to another. If you don't mind sharing, what was the result of your biopsy?

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Thanks cancertakesflight‍, Yes I will definitely ask about it!
My biopsy came back as IDC, I had another on my lymph node (as that was my original symptom) which also came back cancerous. The rest of my scans have been clear though. I’m just waiting on a MUGA and then finally should get to see an oncologist.
Hello JayJay10

Looks like we are both in the same position..... I also have IDC with cancer in my lymph node. I will be starting chemo very soon.....

My biopsy was the most painful thing I've ever went through!!!! I had a huge bruise but healed pretty fast. I still have pain here and there on both sites, I also had a biopsy on my lymph node.

Hopefully, all goes well for you!!
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Hi there, sorry to meet you here.
I had a large lump where they tied off my surgery. It hurt a lot. Can't remember if they called it a hematoma. But they did think it was blood buildup. They CTd the area. Was like a giant knot where they tied off the incision. Took a couple months to resolve but it did go away on its own.
Sending you best wishes on your treatment.
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This exact same thing happened to me! I had my biopsy two weeks ago and my entire breast was bruised with some new bumps emerging and tenderness. The radiologist was digging so roughly.I have my first MRI tonight and I am pretty nervous. I feel like they woke a sleeping dragon.
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