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Not diagnosed but feel like I'm hanging
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Are there any women on here who have been on HRtT like I have and recently had an ultrasound or other testing and have found there uterine lining has changed and there is possibility of abnormal cells in the uterus? Now I'm waiting on a biopsy but am experiencing highs and lows. The biopsy is still 2 or 3 mos away. That seems forever! New found things happening with my body and im not certain what it means. Or if it means anything. I'm hanging and need to know about these cells.
Anybody experiencing this? I'm not me anymore. I'm worried Feeling the ups and downs? I hope you respond to me
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Hymd‍ Welcome to the site. I'm glad you decided to reach out. The ups and downs you are feeling is unfortunately normal. No one likes the waiting involved in the cancer experience. I was actually relieved when I had a cancer diagnosis. I didn't want cancer but I was glad I knew what I was dealing with. I hated waiting for answers. In fact, I went through the same thing recently when I wasnt sure if my cancer returned. I was up and down like a game of Snakes and Ladders. In fact, there are a series of posts that go through the process of my latest. Here is a link to the last one but it contains the links to the other posts. https://cancerconnection.ca/blogs/870/2102

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had some potentially cancerous cells in my uterine lining. It's almost a year to the day since I had my hysterectomy. No cancer was found. It was just pre-cancerous cells.

Please find ways to distract yourself. I used to tell myself that I'm okay until proven otherwise. I know it's easier said than done. Talk to us all you want

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Thank you for acknowledging my post cancertakesflight‍ . I'm so thankful for my close friends and family too who are going thru this with me. I know I have not been given a diagnosis of cancer-- I hate that word and dont want to keep saying it or risk making it come true by keeping the negative going ---now I have found this site and know I'm not truly going mad. I dont think the medical community knows just how much of an emotional pit you go into when you discover that something very dangerous may be wrong with your body. Something that's even just hinted at is enough to drive you under. I never used to think of it in these terms and I was okay. I may still be okay but I cannot convince my brain to not stop thinking of it. I need a definite answer like as in now. I know things dont work this way in real life. I demand I get instant answers . No
I have to wait for a biopsy. Feels like a sentence into hell into I know for sure.
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No, you are not going mad!
Like cancertakesflight‍, I, too, finally felt some relief when I got the official diagnosis for the same reason she mentions. Praying you don't cross that line, and that you get your answers soon.
But if you do get news that is not good, know that you won't have to face it alone.
Glad you found this site and you posted. I honestly wish more undiagnosed or pre-duagnosed people would visit so as not to be blindsided so much in the event that they, or a loved one, gets a cancer diagnosis.
I'd like to introduce you to Yuliya‍ who has recently gone through the game of anxiously waiting for tests and results.
As I said, you are not alone, and perhaps your posts can help others who may be feeling what you're feeling but haven't yet posted about it.
Keep us posted. We'll all be crossing fingers you don't join this club!
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Thank you Ashcon for posting what you did. Please do not take me wrong. I appreciate that you posted to me.
I was not sure to post on here at all because there is such a thing as saturating yourself with info you dont need. I'm a big believer of not enticing anything into your life that you dont have. I may not have any abnormal cells in my uterus and maybe I'm being too melodramatic. Maybe not. The issue for me is the not knowing. Wanting to know right now and having to wait so much is a psychological thought that wears on you. It robs your life of that "I'm okay and healthy thought, no worries at all"
Covid has backed everything up too and now after a phone call I have found my gynocologist is away too for a month! Delays delays
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Hello Hymd‍ and warm welcome to you! I am so sorry you having this kind of worries...Just like you I was not sure if I have to post here back in June. I thought that if I register here, I will belong to the big and scary cancer world. I was really scared that time. My concern was ( still is) breast cancer. Back in May I have notice a quarter size red spot on my breast and immediately I diagnosed myself with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. ( thank you Know Your Lemons poster, no, I am not being sarcastic) I also developed other symptoms, such as pain in my armpit and my right breast seemed fuller than my left one. My family doctor took it seriously and in a next few days I had mammogram and ultrasound. My BIRAD score was 4. A small nodule was found and biopsy was performed later. And biopsy turned back benign. Pweh! My doctor still taking care of me by doing ultrasound every 6 month now. Next one is scheduled for June 16. Now I don't have any symptoms, even that red spot is hardly visible anymore.
Hymd‍ I am very glad that you registered and posted here. From many ladies from here I learned to focus on what you know now. As for now you know that your uterine lining has changed and there is possibility of abnormal cells. Will they be cancerous or pre-cancerous? We do not know yet. Waiting for biopsy is hard. Waiting for biopsy results even harder. One phone call can turn your life up side down. Sometimes we think that when we worry enough, we can prevent bad things from happening. If only! My advise to you while you still waiting for your appointment with gynecologist ,may I suggest you to explore this part of our forum https://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/viewcategory/76 ? You can ask ladies from Uterine forum to help you prepare questions or ask their advise.
Hugs to you. Hang on in there, I understand what you feeling
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I'm glad to have read your post. I would like to connect with someone who has no diagnosis yet so I can ask them questions about what information they have and what their understanding of what a thickened uterine lining can mean. My doctor mentioned endometrial hyperplasia as a possibility. But has not said of course. I'm booked for a D& C i learned about ftom my recent phone call to my gynecologistand this is the receptionist telling me this. and I thought it was a biopsy. What is the difference and why is it now being talked about as a d&c and not a biopsy? I have to clarify this with my gp. The gynecologist is away right now so I cant ask her this until March.
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Hello again, Hymd
I completely understand about not wanting to entice negative things into your life!
And it's very understandable that you'd want to talk to someone who is also not diagnosed yet but may be waiting for tests to either confirm or rule out cancer. It's possible that you may not run into someone here who fits this bill in time before you talk to your doctor yourself. (Most people don't come here until after the "C" word is confirmed.)
In case this happens, another option is to call the Cancer Information Hotline (1-888-939-3333 ​​​​​​). Free service for anyone who has any questions about cancer, prevention, testing, etc. They have access to all kinds of credible information and may be able to answer your questions about the Uterine lining. They are also very kind and friendly. Maybe a kind and knowledgeable voice may help you through this period of worry.

I found this explanation for the difference between endometrial biopsy and D&C:
Endometrial biopsy removes small pieces of the lining of the uterus (called the endometrium) so they can be looked at under a microscope. It is usually done in the doctor’s office.
Dilation and curettage (D&C) is a procedure in which the cervix (the lower, narrow part of the uterus, or womb) is widened (dilated) so that a curette (a spoon-shaped instrument with a sharp edge) can be inserted into the uterus to remove cells, tissues or growths from the endometrium (the inner lining of the uterus).
If you find yourself saturating yourself with so much information that is becoming overwhelming, then walk away.
You can always come back to it later when you're feeling stronger and well enough to think of it again.

When you do, there's credible information here on this topic.

You may not be able to control when you get tests and test results, but you can control how you treat your mind and your body at this time.
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Thank you , you are a very wise person.
I'm telling myself as many positive things as possible . Trying to carry on normal life. I appreciate the info on the procedures. I have looked them at the procedures before.
My doctor is being very scientific and from what I gather she feels that the process is the process and I have time to address what is or will be. These cells are / could be slow growing.if thry are there. The That is the only solace I have right now. And that's only words🙂
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