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Worry about getting tested.

Worry about getting tested.

Posted by laehnuf on Dec 1, 2020 6:14 pm

My family has always had a high risk of thyroid cancer, my cousin who is my age just got it half a year ago, it's always on the back of my mind during days and nights and my worry worsens when I have pain near my throat, It's a scary thing to think about and I couldn't imagine living with it. So I would like some advice on how you dealt with the realization of having this disease and how you coped with it. I talked to my father about it and he was very close to having it inoperable which was a scary time for me. I really want to go get checked up on but I feel like I'm too scared to go and have the doctor say that I've developed it.


I'm not scared for myself but for my friends and family around me, it's not a thought that I enjoy having and it keeps me up at night. If you have any advice at all, please reach out and reply.

Thank you so much,


Re: Worry about getting tested.

Posted by Brighty on Dec 1, 2020 6:33 pm

laehnuf‍  welcome!!! I'm sorry you are living with this fear.     But just because  your family  members  have cancer doesn't mean you will get it.   Do you have any  symptoms  in your body thst are unusual  to you?  It would  probably  be best to get a physical  check up for peace of mind and tell the doctor  of your fears.   If your fears become  reality,it's best to detect it sooner than later.  As you probably  know, chances for survival improve  with early detection.     Treatments have come a long way  over the years.    It concerns me that the thoughts are keeping  you up at night.    You might find it helpful  to talk to a therapist.      If your fears do come to  be ,you will have  our support every step of the way.   Let us know if you find out more  information. 
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Re: Worry about getting tested.

Posted by Whitelilies on Dec 1, 2020 9:02 pm

laehnuf‍ Hello and welcome......you shared so openly and honestly......we are here to listen and support...
Not all cancers are genetically disposed.....some are random....some are not.  Some can be tested with Genetics Councellor too.
As mentioned earlier......please....make an appt with your family dr.....tell him/her of your fears....your concerns...being up at night....it is OK to be up at night....but not really, if it halts your day to day living, coping, etc.  Perhaps talking with a medical dr may take away your fears.  Perhaps having a "test" will also halt the fears.
IF there is something "found"...better earlier than later.  Better to know/than not know.
I am on the colon cancer journey...and I procrastinated my "test".....and was ANGRY at myself for that....as they did "find" something......and time was not my friend.
Get the fears out.
Get the appt in.
Here is a link, to hopefully help you.



ps keep posting....keep sharing......

Re: Worry about getting tested.

Posted by cancertakesflight on Dec 2, 2020 7:24 am

laehnuf‍ It's amazing hiw strong feear can be. Our mind and emotions can do so much to help and to hurt us. I understand your feelings of not wanting your worst fears to be confirmed. Sometimes ignorance seems like bliss.

Has there ever been another time in your life where you dreaded doing something. You were scared. You almost had to mentally drag yourself somewhere and then when you did that awful thing you wondered what all the fuss was about. You wondered why you didn't do it sooner.

I'm not saying that cancer is nothing to fuss about or that there is something wrong with your feelings. The difference is when the feelings are so strong that you may need some help from your doctor or a counsellor.

I was talking to someone about my cancer experience and they told me that they would always worry about the cancer returning.  She told me that she always feared she would get cancer. I asked her how she would feel if she experineced that fear for all those years only for it never to come. It would be a lot of wasted energy. If a cancer diagnosis came then you will need all that energy. 

For me, the not knowing while I waited for test results was worse than knowing what I was dealing with. I'm hoping you will take the steps suggested here by finding out what you're dealing or not needing to deal with.

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Re: Worry about getting tested.

Posted by Kuching on Dec 2, 2020 8:36 am

laehnuf‍ , getting tested is a win-win situation.

If you don’t have it, you can stop worrying, get on with your life, and get a good night’s sleep.

If you do have it, the sooner you catch it the better.

And chances are, you don’t have it.  Go for the test!!!