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Breast Cancer and now Uterine Cancer?

I was dx'd with BC in October 2015 with Stage I IDC and have been cancer free till now.

Today I got the results of a uterine biopsy. If anyone can please, please help me decipher this, I will be eternally grateful.

Diagnosis: Serous Neoplasm

Comment: There are neoplastic cells with high grade nuclear atypia and abnormal staining for both P53 and P-16, and significantly increased staining for Ki-67. Some neoplastic cells are present in the morphology of serous endometrial intraepithelial carcinoma (Serous EIC), but there are also detached neoplastic cells. In the biopsy setting, this is better classified as "minimalserous carcinoma". For surgical management purposes, it is recommended to treat this tumor as a high grade carcinoma, serous type.

My oncologist told me we are not sure if it is cancer or pre-cancer, but because the cells are high-grade we need to treat it as cancer until we get the full pathology results. The next step is probably a hysterectomy to get a full picture and do a surgical pathology.

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Wendy Tea
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CitrineTiff‍  Welcome.  I understand your concern and why you are confused.  Probably only a doctor really understands the report.  Likely your family doctor received a copy of this report and I would have a phone consultation with your doctor.  I would hope your doctor will go over the report line by line so you have a deeper understanding of what the report means. Can you call your doctor?  Let me know please. 
Wendy Tea, thank you so much for the kind words. I will call my family doctor tomorrow to see if she can explain things to me.

I can’t believe I am in this place again: a possible cancer diagnosis. I don’t know how I’ll tell my kids. 
Wendy Tea
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CitrineTiff‍  No worries.  This has been quite a shock. Why don't you wait until you have had time to process and understand the report.  I think it's worse telling someone when you can't answer their questions nor tell them the plan. Take a deep breath and treat yourself tonight. Hugs!
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I don't know about your family doctor, but mine told me that she thinks I now know more about breast cancer than she does.
When I ask her anything, she defers to my oncology team. 
So my level of confidence in her has gone down, at least in relation to my cancer. 
Personally, I would trust my oncologist's review and recommendations for next steps as that is their area of specialty.
That's just my humble opinion.

Wishing you health and strength in the coming days.
ashcon‍  Thank you for your comments.

I agree that my oncologist is the one I usually turn to.  He has already sent my file to a Gyno-oncologist at my hospital, and  I should have an appointment next week.  I am sure she will be able to explain everything to me.  I have also been using Dr Google (I know how dangerous that is!), but I have learnt quite a bit already. I just have to keep it together since I will not be telling my daughters or any friends and family until I know the situation.  The only person I told is my husband, and he agrees with me about not telling our daughters until I know more.

Sorry you find yourself back in this place of waiting on a diagnosis. 

You may find it helpful to speak to an Information Specialist at our helpline by calling 1-888-939-3333. They may be able to help explain some of the terms used and provide info. I would choose calling them over Dr. Google any day!

Hoping you get that appointment next week, please keep us posted,
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