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Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by XYZ123 on Sep 30, 2020 3:03 pm

My husband had his colonoscopy the day before yesterday and the doctor called me in, which should have been a flag in the times of COVID but I didn't give it much thought (the nurse said it was because my husband was sedated and might not remember instructions), but when I got there the doctor told us they had found a tumour. He said he felt terrible as my husband is so young (42) and while I am hoping it is benign, the way he told us makes me feel doubtful. Even the way the nurses looked at me when I went in there...it felt like they knew something, and maybe that's paranoia talking. I'm really hoping so. No-one else got a visitor though.

We are waiting on the biopsy results and for MRI and CAT scans to be scheduled and analyzed. So we have no idea what we are dealing with or how to react. That day was surreal and I cried in the car driving home but had to pull myself together both for my husband and before seeing the kids as I didn't want them to get worried. They are older teens and we did mention the tumour and pending results and both have decided to stay optimistic and that's best given the lack of information. But I am finding myself oscillating between optimism and pessimism and feeling very emotionally unstable. Trying not to dwell and stay positive/hold it together but in the meantime the waiting is so hard and this is only after two days. When I think about the symptoms he's had for the past 9 months or so it seems so obvious in hindsight but there are other conditions in the family (Crohns) and I thought it was related to that. How long does it take to get the scans booked typically? We don't even have a date yet. Would we get called in after the biopsy or would we have to wait for everything? Wondering what the experience of others has been. 

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Essjay on Sep 30, 2020 5:41 pm

XYZ123‍ welcome to the community no one wants to join. You are among friends here...

Your fears are understandable, and of course you want the scans and tests to happen quickly. Your husband is on the cancer diagnosis train now to as quickly as possible identify what the tumour is and what treatment is best. However, I warn you that this cancer game has a lot of 'hurry up and wait' about it. We spend a lot of time waiting for appointments and waiting for the results. The waiting is outside of our control. My response to it is distraction - anything that keeps my mind off things.

I am going to tag some other colorectal patients who can likely give you more insight on the tests and timelines. For example Whitelilies‍ has been through treatment and recovered and regularly shares wisdom from her experience. But also some new members to the forum who are various ages, and in various stages of diagnoses and treatment and with difference stages diagnosed - moplanbgoldcat86Pintoalexisrj‍. I hope they will chime in.

In the meantime, I encourage you to get some rest and look after yourself. Your husband is going to need you - I will ask Brighty‍ to chime in with her advice for carers.

Let us know when you get appointments scheduled - we will be following along.

Best wishes Essjay
Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor since July 2018

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Whitelilies on Sep 30, 2020 6:20 pm

XYZ123‍ Hello  to you and your husband.
Welcome to our CARING site.....we get it! we understand! we are on this journey together!


First, I will answer your questions....timelines for CT scans, MRIs, Biopsy, etc.  Well, with covid here and now, things just may take a bit longer than "usual".
Your husband is IN the system now.....you will get a call for date of CT scan.  DO not be alarmed IF he is told of 2 MRIs. (I was not pre-told, and wanted to faint !)
MRI 1 is for colon area.  Perhaps MRI 2 is for Liver.  I was later told, this is common (to check liver). Biopsy, again, may take a bit of time.....this usually occurs "during the colonoscopy". I will assume, they already did this.  So, soon, biopsy results will be ready.  Soon, you will have an appointment, with medical staff.
Waiting SUCKS !  No other way to say it!  It sure does. I also have 2 young adult sons.  Tell your "kids" what works best for you and your husband....less is more? basics is fine? All personal choices.
Perhaps now is a good time, to help him by making smaller meals, and eating them more often....ie breakfast is cereal at 9am, but the toast is at 11am.  Spread it out.

Things will soon be in to place.

I too was in shock, at age 56, on my FIRST ever colonscopy, GI Dr found "clearly" a 3 cm tumour.  Really "downtown"....yucky zone!  I actually never was told the word biopsy (or dont recall "hearing a darn word after cancer ?)...I was given radiation...then 2 surgeries.  I too had "signs" for months....mostly rectal bleeding...I was mortified, and simply thought it would go away; NOT !  I was told stage 2, early 3. AND HERE I AM !!!  Dancing like no one is watching !  And if you are watching, join on in !!  Salsa? Cha Cha?  Zumba too !!

Look after yourself as well.....this is vital.  Your husband will need your support.  Together, double the strength!

We are all here.....please post when you can, let us know what your next steps are, and we can offer ideas, support as well.

A wise lady taught me......Immerse Yourself In Nature !!.......so GO NOW, and crunch the leaves under your feet.....look at the blue sky.....see the Fall foliage.

Sending Virtual Hugs




Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Pinto on Sep 30, 2020 7:04 pm

Hello XYZ123‍,

I’m sorry you and your family are having to deal with this. Hearing the word cancer is always traumatic no matter your age or previous experience. I was diagnosed this time last year also at the age of 42. In fact, today I’m doing bowel prep for my 1-year colonoscopy tomorrow!

As far as wait times, I think this will differ greatly from province to province and even city to city. For example, I had to wait 6 months to see the GI doc and 3 more months to be triaged for a colonoscopy, but then I was told on the spot that I had cancer so I didn’t have to wait at all for pathology. The mass they encountered in my sigmoid colon was 14cm long and they said they could tell by looking at it that it was cancer. (I actually heard them discussing it during the procedure and I still had the wherewithal to look up at the monitor!) After that, the GI booked me for an urgent CT scan which happened 10 days later (that scan only showed the colonic mass) and then a meeting with the surgeon at about 2 weeks and in for surgery at 1 month. Pathology took about two weeks to analyze the mass, lymph nodes (58 removed) and a liver nodule that the general surgeon discovered during the colon resection. All of the lymph nodes were clear but the liver nodule was a metastasis from the colon so I was diagnosed with stage 4a (T3N0M1a) invasive, moderately differentiated, colonic adenocarcinoma. Anything in the “M” column will be a stage 4 diagnosis even if your lymph nodes are clear, however, there are a WIDE variety of stages in stage 4 so it’s really important not to get hung up on stages or stats. They also tested for Lynch Syndrome (negative) and tumour mutations (none). I then spent 3 months recovering from surgery before meeting with an oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency. Chemo started on February 5 and lasted 6 months. The good news is, my last scan earlier this month showed NED (no evidence of disease)! 

I have to say, being “so young” and having to face this comes with its own set of challenges. I was on my second round of chemo when COVID19 first became an issue in Canada. When I went to the cancer care unit in my hospital, there was so much security, they asked me at every turn why I was there. When I told them I was there for chemo, the look of pity was soooo difficult to stomach, by the time I got to the unit I would be in tears from having to face it so many times. This is not an easy road but you and your hubs will get through it one day, sometimes one hour, at a time. 

For now, try to focus on the outcome you want, not what you don’t want! Spend some time visualizing healthy organs and lymph nodes. That way you will be putting your energy to good work rather than having the fear just steal it from you. I used to tell myself, “whatever it is, I can handle it” and that mantra really helped me come back to my rational self.


Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Brighty on Sep 30, 2020 8:31 pm

Welcome XYZ123‍ ! And thank you for the tag Essjay‍ .  
     My fiance was 41 at the time of his having symptoms of something.    Like you, we didn't give it much thought because he was so young.    The word cancer did not even cross my mind.     And months and months went by before he would go to a doctor and proceed to have some tests done to find out what those symptoms were.      In the meantime, it was scary, very scary and there is no right or wrong way to feel right now.    Your mind will fluctuate between positive, negative, positive negative.........until you know what you are dealing with.     Once we did learn what the diagnoses was, it was almost a relief in a way, because then we could begin to fight it.   I'm praying for you that your husband's diagnoses turns out not to be cancer and is benign.     But if it does turn out to be cancer, just know that we are here to support you every step of the way.   
     Because my fiance was so young, things moved along at a reasonable speed because the doctors were advocating hard for him because of his age.      Tests, biopsies and results can vary from province to province but once the diagnoses was found, treatment started shortly after, and things got moving along.    We were much more relieved once things got moving because we were no longer in limbo and something was being done.     The lack of information was probably the worst part of it.      Surround yourself with those you love, and be open about your fears.     I was terrified, absolutely terrified as the caregiver.     I had to talk to myself a lot in my head to calm myself down while waiting and waiting.     I would say in my head "everything is ok until I hear otherwise.......... we can deal with whatever comes.....day by day, step by step...................we can do this..........we WILL do this................and you will be surprised at how much inner strength you will find you have.   How is your husband coping?    
     Once you do find out some more information, make sure you are comfortable with your health care team.   Find out everything you can about what is going on, and bring a notepad and pen and jot down some questions and notes to take.       I found that while we waited for answers, we had to resume our normal lives and keep busy with normal mundane things, and find distractions to keep us busy.     Any type of routine or normalcy helped keep the sanity.     Do what you would normally do, but also have a talk with your husband about how you are both feeling.     Start off with open communication.   My fiance and I didn't have that.   He would never tell me how he felt, what his fears were or how he was coping, but if you can do this together as a 'team' all the better.      Because this will affect your entire family and you all need to support each other.   
     I truly hope this turns out not to be the worst case scenario, but if it does, please don't hesitate to private message me for coping strategies.      I don't want to overwhelm you with too much of that now, since you still don't have all the facts.      Just know there are many others who have been there and can help you through this.    You are not alone, we are by your side every step.   Please be in touch when you learn more.     
Help is out there. All you have to do is reach out.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by moplanb on Sep 30, 2020 11:17 pm

Hi and welcome XYZ123, and thanks for the tag essjay.

Waiting for tests and the uncertainty that accompanies this is difficult. 

A brief timeline of my experience:

July 12 - first signs of something amiss
July 13 - called GP, virtual appointment  - referral made to gastroenterologist for consult/colonoscopy
August 10 - virtual consult with gastroenterologist  - sent for bloodwork
August 19 - colonoscopy preformed (8cm tumor found, Dr, performing procedure suggests that "emergency surgery" will be necessary and am referred to surgeon)
September 3 - CT scan - requisitioned by surgeon
September 7 - ultrasound (liver) - requisitioned by gastroenterologist
Sept 8 - appointment with surgeon
             I went to this appointment thinking that we would be discussing/booking surgery, but was told that I have stage IV colon cancer, it had spread to my lymph nodes and liver
             Four tumors were found on my liver, with the largest being 9 cm.
             Referral to oncologist
September 21 - first appointment with oncologist
                          Within a couple of days I was booked for a virtual appointment with oncology surgeon (liver)  - tomorrow, Oct 1
                          MRI - October 6
                          echo - Oct 7
                          follow-up with oncologist - October8
                          PICC line insertion scheduled - October 9

I am relieved that my treatment will begin shortly. I found that, for myself, maintaining a positive outlook and carrying on as usual (with the exception of frequent naps, as I am feeling fatigued) have helped me cope with the waiting/uncertainty. Almost every doctor /nurse that I have spoken with have indicated that COVID -19 has had a profound effect on the timeliness of tests/procedures and surgeries.
XYZ123, you are in a good place to ask questions, research or just vent.

I wish you all the best.


Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by XYZ123 on Oct 1, 2020 6:07 am

Thanks so much for all of you for telling your personal stories, and for reaching out with words of wisdom and experience. While also providing some solid information and insights about the process, these replies also moved me very deeply and gave me a lot of strength so I really can't thank you enough. Great advice to take some comfort and get breathing space in nature. I was reading Forest bathing by Qing Li before this and it really resonated with me. We live in the country, surrounded by woods and it feels good to get outside. I will update once we know more and try to encourage my husband to sign up and reach out to some of you too (although he is very stoic and may not want to share). He is doing mostly OK too, with understandable moments of fear and anger at how unfair it all is. We are very close and have been best friends for 23 years now, and married for nearly 21 and we are both terrified about what this means for the other, and of course our kids who are in the first year of uni and grade 11. Thanks so much again and take care all.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Lacey_Moderator on Oct 1, 2020 3:05 pm

XYZ123‍ - So glad you connected with us all here. 

We are here to walk beside you through this.

Take Care,

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by XYZ123 on Oct 14, 2020 8:13 am

Just an update. My husband had a CT and MRI last week, so things moving quickly, and yesterday got a call to discuss results with surgeon the same day (thankfully, as waiting has been so hard). Diagnosis is Stage 3 but CT showed clear for chest and liver so seeing that as positive. But some local spread to surrounding lymph nodes. There are 2 tumours - one in the colon and one in the rectum, apart 5 cms apart and close in size (the larger is ~ 6 cms), which combined with his age might point to an underlying genetic condition. The surgeon didn't see this in the colonoscopy as the lower tumour was so constrictive he couldn't get the scope passed it. Testing for Lynch syndrome will be done soon and hoping results will be back in time to determine what kind of surgery is needed (if positive they will take out entire colon to minimize risk of return). Because the two tumours are effectively blocking his colon and rectum, the decision has been made to install an ostomy this Friday to avoid complications later and so he can get his strength up and actually eat without discomfort. Once he has recovered from that, likely in 3 weeks from now, he will start radiation and chemo for 5 weeks (5 days a week). Unfortunately this is not available locally and so we will have to drive an hour and 40 minutes each way, which complicates things a bit. Once he has recovered from this, there will be surgery in the New Year. The surgeon is positive and thinks there is a 70% chance, but cautioned that statistics are just that and everyone is different.

It's weird, but because we had two weeks of thinking about it and going down some very dark paths as well as trying to be optimistic, it was almost a relief to hear that it wasn't Stage 4. But obviously the news could have been better. Now we have a plan of action though, and things are moving, we feel like he just has to be a really good patient, and show up, and that I just have to take good care of him and the kids (and me) and that everything else is being taken care of by experts. Having the COVID situation sucks of course, as family on both sides is far away and we don't have much local support, but my work is understanding and flexible and I know we will make it work. I'm going to try to get him on this site, if he wants to share. And I will officially introduce myself on the newbie page now that we have an actual diagnosis. Thanks everyone for listening, and talk soon.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Essjay on Oct 14, 2020 12:11 pm

XYZ123‍ thanks for sharing an update - I know how much of a relief it is to know what you are dealing with. When you’ve prepared for the worst and it’s not quite that bad you have mixed emotions...

I encourage you to take a look through the posts in the Colorectal Cancer forum, where you will find folks dealing with similar issues your husband faces, such as dealing with a stoma, managing eating through treatment. I’m going to tag a couple of colorectal patients who are at different stages in their treatment who may have some advice for you both HaemishWhiteliliesmoplanb‍ 

And the caregivers forum may also be a useful resource for you. Some awesome contributors who write on caring for those with cancer and who I would like you to meet are KuchingTrilliumCentralABBrightyCynthia Mac‍ and there are many others who will likely respond if you post in that forum.

I hope you are taking some time for you. Looking after yourself is going to be so important as your husband goes through surgery and starts his treatments. Do you have things you do to help you relax or release stress? My go to is getting outside - although I confess I’m not relishing my run in the rain today!

Wishing you both well, Essjay
Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor since July 2018

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Whitelilies on Oct 14, 2020 1:15 pm

XYZ123‍ Hello
OK....you are filled with more knowledge now about Stage, etc.....now time for boxing gloves!!
I hope that if I share "my journey", it may be helpful.
Lynch: I too was tested.....they chose to test 16 genes (they usually test 14 I was told).  This takes approx 90 days to get results. (mine came back negative).
Ostomy: This is needed, as you shared, due to locations, of tumours.  (My dad also has 2 tumours in similar areas.....one low, one in the "curl" of his lower colon).  There is an Ostomy Nurse, specializing in JUST this...after surgery, your husband will get "lessons" on this, how to change it, care for stoma, etc.....accept ALL samples the nurse gives you, as these products are costly.  In Ontario, we have the A.D.P. (Assisstive Devices Program)....they WILL pay approx $1000 for supplies for Ostomy.  Dr/Nurse can help with paperwork, as Dr must sign off on this.  Later, down the road, I can share products/brands I found as best of the best! (not to overwhelm now).
Obstruction: yes, I understand.....in a way, there will be "relief" once the tumours are out.
Radiation:  yes, same here.....had it....to shrink the tumour.....I think you mentioned surgery is Friday, and then radiation/chemo, if needed.
(Sharing.....for my "location/size/aggressiveness", I was told Radiation FIRST......then surgery, and ostomy put in place).
Everyone is different.
You are facing the Whirlwind Times, now......but moving fast is GOOD! (Especially during covid.....this is good news....)

Ask anything.....nothing makes me blush. Keep sharing....Keep posting.....Keep strong.....for yourself AND your husband.

Go get a HOT CUPPA !!



Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Whitelilies on Oct 14, 2020 1:26 pm

XYZ123‍ Hello (again)
Sharing.....to offer support.....

I had a surgery called L.A.R. (Lower Anterior ReSection), done via laporoscopy.
I had the Ileostomy, lower right side of my belly area. 5 days (and nights) in hospital.

When you know "what" surgery your husband will have, please post (if you wish).....so I/we/someone can help with ideas, for healing, etc.

Many larger hospitals, will have a "Patient Navigator".....this is a Nurse, who ONLY answers questions from patients, and their families, on the area that was affected by cancer....ie there can be a Breast Nurse Navigator, and there should be a Colo-Rectal Nurse Navigator.....she was on my Speed-Dial.....she can help and guide you, etc.  Terrific Resource.

Time to LAUGH:  Not only did I get 7 x 1 inch incisions from the Laporoscopy....I GOT A BONUS !!!

YUP.......a 3 inch lovely vertical "line", to match and meet my Caesarian line!!



Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Boby1511 on Oct 14, 2020 1:37 pm


Sorry bout the diagnoses. Stoma... I too have one.
My suggestion... tell your hubby to rub his tummy before it happens! I so miss my tummy.
Ontario has great help on ostomy care, home care to teach and see you thru until your comfortable.
I extended my 6 week home nurse care a little as I was weak and the ostomy posed a great challenge for me.
But the nurses were great and I have overcome (sorta... I have other home help).
Maybe they will reverse for you later on. Sending you positive energy.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by XYZ123 on Oct 14, 2020 2:07 pm

You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the practical advice and for sharing your stories. Yes I guess our local hospital has an ostomy nurse / enterostomal therapist. We are in NB, so smaller critical mass and hence often not the same services available as bigger cities. The surgeon touched on home care, but briefly and I haven't been able to find anything concrete on this by searching online, so will have to wait on aftercare instructions. I have additional insurance through work and I'm exploring what this means in terms of actual support and resources. As I am not the one being treated, and due to COVID, I cannot accompany my husband to the stoma appointment like I was able to for the surgeon's office to get results, so I will be hearing everything second hand. I am hoping he will get contact details for follow up. But he is there today going through pre-op and getting marked for the incision site. Purge tomorrow, then the ostomy this Friday. It is a loop ileostomy also to be done laparoscopically like yours it sounds White Lilies. I know he is not looking forward to this at all (very understandably) as his grandpa had a bag due to Crohns and had a hard time with it. But I think it will be lower down on the abdomen and as noted, at least should alleviate the discomfort that was caused by the blockage. But Boby1511 I will definitely pass on your advice for him to give that tummy a good rub beforehand! I hope you are doing OK also and sending warm wishes your way. Take care and thanks again to all of you. It is a huge comfort to be able to share with those who really understand.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Whitelilies on Oct 14, 2020 2:33 pm

XYZ123‍ Hello
Trust me....we ALL understand.....
I did have Loop-Iliostomy......When he comes home today from his Pre-Op Appt.....I hope he is "calm" in case the nurse did mark 2 "Xs".....I got one on Right side, and another on left.
Reason??  Nurse said that during "height" of surgery....Surgeon may need another "correct" spot.  
All on right side....lower down.
Best Brand for Product = ColoPlast (sturdy/gives confidence).

We are all here for support.


Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by XYZ123 on Oct 14, 2020 3:04 pm

Thanks Lilian! They have him wearing a bag now (not connected obviously) but to get a feel for it. Looked it up and my insurance covers 80% of expenses, but hopefully they'll give a bunch of samples at the hospital too. Thanks for the tips on brand. This is good information.

Also just found out that I could have gone with him for this consult today, but too late now. And I had a great chat with my supervisor and director today and they were so incredibly nice and understanding so I think I'll be ok in terms of leave for appointments in future, which is a huge relief. But I have asked them to keep this to themselves as I don't want to be in a work environment where everyone is on eggshells either. Even if it is all virtual work for me these days...another blessing in disguise, which means I'll be able to provide more support and care at home. 

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by moplanb on Oct 14, 2020 3:05 pm

Hi XYZ123‍ ,

Thanks for the tag Essjay‍ 

Thanks for the update. Yes, waiting is definitely anxiety producing. Despite my Stage IV diagnosis, and the fact that my tumors have grown significantly in in the time span between September 3rd and October 6th, I decided to approach my daily life in as normal a fashion as possible and not try to "overthink" my situation.  

Your husband's treatment seems to be progressing well, despite the inevitable delays posed by COVID-19. I know that the waiting for tests and treatment to begin felt like an eternity to me! I had my first chemo treatment today (I just got home) and am immensely relieved and excited that my treatment is finally underway! 

The plan is for another MRI and CT scan of my liver in 3 months time to check progress and determine if surgeries might be/become an option for me . I am hoping. According to my oncologist my chemo is going to be happening for quite some time, though...

I wish you both all the best. Stay strong for your husband and look after yourself (as a caregiver). I say this, having been the sole caregiver for my Dad for the last six years, and self-care has been important for my own physical/mental well-being through this time.



Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by XYZ123 on Oct 14, 2020 3:12 pm

Congrats Mo. I am very happy that things are moving along for you, and wish you all the best for this stage of your treatment. Once the treatment starts it seems that all you need to do is show up and follow instructions, which I think makes things feel more in control (or less out of control). I will, as you say, keep strong for him and for me and the kids and stay positive. And I know where to come if I ever need advice. Warmest wishes.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Boby1511 on Oct 14, 2020 3:53 pm


My coverage is 80% with work as well, but I have found that I have yet to pay as they are providing more than enough supplies. The insurance companies force you to sign up for the Gov't grant, which to me is stupid but what can you do. I have yet to be processed (since May)(covid they weren't even taking applications!). So insurance accommodates for the Gov't grant by covering less.. stupid... (Ontario the ostomy supplies is covered while in home care - 6 weeks).
The online ostomy supplies are a lot cheaper than local, but I've yet to have to do this. They also offer lots of aids (like an ostomy belt, I have had to use one with my constipation). 

Did they tell you about GUM? To help get the pooper going after surgery.... gum is on the list... I did find it did/does help me.
There should be a pamphlet at the hospital... plus they will likely provide you with a ostomy care book... 
I found I had to continue on with the restrolax (and other stuff) to keep my pooper going.
This can be prescribed by a nurse practitioner. I take this stuff everyday, so it can get costly. Why not let insurance pay?

Oh and I have found white grape juice helps me get going again (chemo constipates me).(not covered by insurance).

Not that you have the issues... a just in case you didn't know.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by Boby1511 on Oct 14, 2020 3:58 pm

Chemo day! Progress great! Hope you are having an easy time adjusting.
Sending you positive energy. Hugs.

Re: Scary results from colonoscopy, now waiting for scans and biopsy results

Posted by XYZ123 on Oct 15, 2020 2:29 pm

Thanks for the practical tips Boby1511‍  This will be very useful. We do have the ostomy booklet and the resource at the hospital is fantastic but always keen to get insights based on lived experiences.  Take care all!