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Non-Hodgkins Symptoms

I'm a 32 year old healthy male with a few symptoms that (thanks to google) appear to be the same as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. In October of 2019 I noticed that whenever I played soccer the next morning it would be very painful to get out of bed due to pain in the lower abdomen and testicles. This would slowly dissipate over the course of a day or two, however it would return again as I warmed up for my next game. I didn't think much of it and didn't think much of the bulges that had appeared either side of my lower abdominal area. Over the course of the last 8 months this has come and gone, however the bulges have stuck around. Over the last couple of weeks I have been having pain in the middle of my back and I feel a tightness in my shoulders and base of my neck, without there being any strange growths. I have also had bouts of feeling nauseous and stomach troubles intermittently.

I do not and have not had fever, chills or a few of the other symptoms at all during this period, however I have had severe anxiety due to looking at what these symptoms could mean. The bulges (swollen lymph Nodes) are the most troubling as I struggle to see what else this could be. I will be visiting a doctor tomorrow, however I wanted to see if anyone had a ny thoughts on this prior to doing so.

Anything anyone could add to this post would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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‍ @Brit in  Canada.   Sorry I can't tag you. I can't find the underscore key on my phone.  Good for you for paying  attention to your body and doing something  about unusual  symptoms.    So many things have similar symptoms and can be just about anything    .   Dr. Google is not always  reliable.. and probably  makes anxiety levels increase.    Also try and write down everything  you want to tell your doctor or questions you may have.     Then perhaps watch something  funny on TV.  Please let us know how your appointment goes .  

You are doing the right thing in getting it checked out. We aren't doctors around here just patients or caregivers who have some experience with cancer. If you want to be prepared for the diagnosis Canadian Cancer Society has some great pdf pamphlets that you can check out.

First one is for newly diagnosed patients -


And this one is for Lymphoma  (non Hodgkin)


Start the questions book...


Thank you both, appreciate your input. 

I’ve been at the hospital since 9am and had Ultrasound as well as blood tests, still waiting for results. While waiting I have now been asked to give a urine sample, standard procedure? Or follow up due to noticing something in other results? I’m not sure, but worried. 

The ultrasound technician seemed to take a lot of screen grabs (I presume this is what the beeps are) in the centre of my abs but didn’t take many where I thought the issue was. Would a number of beeps be consistent with taking a lot of images? 


Can't answer that. There are lots of things that beep and buzz in a medical technologist's machine. Do you have a followup appointment for results? It can take several days for results to be reviewed and transmitted from specialist to specialist.

Have you found your way into the non-Hodgkins forum yet?


There are a few folks around here that have experience with it. SpeedyStill‍ or jeff‍ or bethS‍  Any thoughts to share with our worried friend here?

The doctor came back to say there was nothing either from the Urine test or blood test. There was a very slight concern over the lymph node in my groin but her suggestion was to have a follow up ultrasound in 6-8 weeks. I still have a lot of anxiety but will keep an eye on symptoms to see if they stick around. I appreciate your quick responses here and the information provided. 
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Thank you for the update Brit_in_Canada‍ .   Please continue to post when you learn more.    
Having had two lots of complete blood work done, stool culture and ultrasound everything has been returned as normal to this point. Unfortunately I am still waking up every morning around 5:45  (The only tome I go or can go all day) ofto use the washroom which 95% the time is soft stools, alongside this the back pain remains I continue to have bouts of nausea, although less frequently. I have also lost 3-4 pounds in the last 3 weeks. 

The issue I’m most concerned about right now is that I can feel pretty much all of my Lymph Nodes in my groin. Is this normal? Of course, I had never tried to do this before and so now the fact that I can freaks me out. 

Im grateful for any interaction through this platform. 

Hello and welcome.
Getting and waiting for tests for a possible diagnosis can be so stressful.  So far it sounds like you have got good results back "everything has been returned as normal to this point.
We like to say around here "What do I know to be true right now" And right now your tests have come back in your favour. For that reason I would maybe stay away from the other forums right now as they may only lead to unnecessary stress.
It might be difficult to wait for the 6-8 weeks for your followup so distraction is probably your friend. I too am waiting on a suspicious lump which was found last Sept and I have been called back once and will again this September. And I have had a previous cancer diagnosis so I do know the "not worrying is easier said than done" . In the meantime, though, definitely keep any eye on changes and keep your doctor abreast of them. That may or may not change the followup appointment date/time.
In the meantime, we are here to support you as best we can. Though we can't give medical advice, or even guess what is going on with your health, we definitely understand the emotional roller coaster of waiting  for a diagnosis ( or hopefully no diagnosis )

Reach out as you need
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I am a 10 year Survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 
Night Sweats
Loss of weight
Abdominal Pain
Work staff knowing that something was definitely wrong with me
Knowing definitely that something was not right with me.
There are others that I can't remember right now.
My Gastrointerologist felt a lump at the top of my stomach and thought it was an aortic aneurysm. Went immediately in for a CTScan and was diagnosed the next day with Cancer.
One very large tumour with several other tumours all around my abdominal area.
Never let up your desire to find out what is wrong with you however it is not helpful to get ahead of the Doctors.
When I was diagnosed with Cancer the wheels started moving very quickly to test and stage the cancer. After that I was put on an agressive dosage of Chemotherapy.
You are young and I assume in good health other than your issues, so you should do fine no matter what they find.
I was 62 when I was diagnosed and here I am at 72 years old and still trucking.
Take Care of yourself
Thank you both for your input, it genuinely helps to hear other peoples stories.

To update from my previous posts, I went to my family doctor last week up took all of 20 seconds to say it was IBS and gave me a Pro-Biotic  on the way out of the door. Having taken this for a couple of days with very little effect on the nausea or early bathroom times, plus what i still consider are enlarged Lymph nodes in my groin I went back to the hospital over the weekend.

This time around I was sent for a CT scan which come back revealing that I have intussusception of the small intestine. At first this was a relief until (predictably) I took a look to see what this is, which revealed 90% of the time it starts with a tumor as the lead. Although this should make me nervous it has actually been beneficial mentally to know that at least things are in motion to see what is happening and how it can hopefully be fixed. 

I'm now waiting for the gastro surgeon to call me to schedule an appointment. I feel a little more relaxed, however I am now focusing on the other little things that I have felt recently, the sharp pains that come and go in my legs and arms, the back pain, the lymph nodes in my groin.

I'm 32 and in good shape, I'm trying to stay positive and for the most part I am, however the waiting continues to be the most difficult part.

Thanks again to anyone that is able to comment.
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This is good news and by that I mean you like you say have started things moving forward.
The Gastro Surgeon will want to know everything that is going on with your body before he moves forward. Your first visit will give you a chance to discuss everything with him.
I have a history with IBS and for months I was waiting to be referred to a Gastrointerologist.
You are fortunate that you have not had to wait. Early detection is important for any illness. 
I have a good feeling about you.
Thanks for the positive words, always appreciated!

Thanks for the update.  I definitely understand the philosophy of name it and fix it.  This still all sounds like it is in your favour ( as best as it could be ) I continue to keep my fingers crossed for you that this is a medical blip and you will move on from it.
I am glad you went to ER - as it seems to have sped up your diagnostics and moved you further along in the process.

Keep us posted
I'm posting again as I feel like I'm back to square one. Following the full day in hospital last weekend attempting to get an answer as to why I have these symptoms, actually getting to speak to the doctor I have been referred to has been frustrating. I have spoken to his assistant who said she was unable to find my file and would call back which didn't happen, followed by a call to the hospital who said it could be viewed on the internal system and so there is no way she shouldn't have been able to find it.

Anxiety of not knowing continues to be rampant and I continue to have the same symptoms, stomach issues, nausea, etc, 

Does anyone else feel like they are just going round in circles sometimes
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I am very fit but developed a cough ( pre covid) which lasted about 5 months along with general malaise and a few events with vomiting. A number of blood tests over the last several months produced only the best results. In the last 6 weeks I experienced severe nausea and vomiting and on the most recent visit to urgent care I had a cat scan. The dr delivered a diagnosis of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma based on an enlarged spleen. I have since had my chest and neck CT  scanned and it would appear I have Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma. Confirmation is pending the results of my bone marrow test and more blood work. Currently only my platelet count is a little low. I struggle most mornings with malaise and have and continue to lose weight. I am in a state of suspension as I have no confirmed diagnosis although I know this type of lymphoma is very rare. I also have no idea what treatment may be possible. I will see my hematologists in another 5 days and hope to have a better sense of what next steps might be. If anyone else has experience with splenic MZL I would be interested in your experience 
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Welcome to Canacerconnection Indigo10‍ . The diagnosis phase is so hard, so much waiting, seeing one doc after another and just wanting to know what your treatment plan will be. I remember distraction was my friend during this time - I renovated the kitchen while I waited for my biopsy and results, took a family holiday while I waited to see the surgeon etc.

Have you found the non-Hodgkins lymphoma forum yet? You will find others who, even if they don’t have the same diagnosis, will be facing the same issues as you waiting for appointments and having similar tests, and likely having the same chemo.

If you have any questions, why not start a new thread on their forum and hopefully some of those with similar issues or experiences will respond.

Im tagging SpeedyStillNella2020Umahappyhiker1‍  friarlaurence‍ and thecatsmeow‍ who’ve posted recently on NHL.

How are you doing today?

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I am feeling so well today that I could almost convince myself that my diagnosis will turn out to be just a silly mistake and then we will all laugh. I think that I am managing my diet and pattern of eating ( small portions throughout the day) this seems to help.  I understand that trying to make sense of cause and effect is an effort to try and take some control. Perhaps if I twirled around I might take credit for that too 😊I do feel well now and this allows me to be strong emotionally. I am grateful for each day I feel well and like I used to.
Sorry to hear of your diagnosis Indigo10‍  I'm sure that must have been hard for you to take in. Great to hear that it was a good day for you and that this gave you reason to be positive and not worry about next steps.

I have luckily been able to speak to a GI specialist who will be able to fit me in a week which I understand to be very quick. I'm not looking forward to the appointment as I'm worried what it may be, however from another perspective I'm looking forward to figuring out my issues and hopefully ow they can be resolved. I'm generally working opposite to you right now as the mornings tend to be my best time while this time of the evening i'm not feeling at my best.

Hope everything works out well for you.
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