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Rule out Lymphoma

Rule out Lymphoma

Posted by El_la on Jun 3, 2020 2:02 am

Hello Everyone!

So I recently had some swelling in my neck and thought it was my thyroid also this feeling that something is in my throat and a need to cough. I went to the doctor and had thyroid ultrasound and bloodwork done which came back perfectly normal, but they did find a lump in my jaw area. I was taken a back because still no one can explain the neck swelling in that area. Ive also have had an array of symptoms which I’m not sure if they are connected or if it’s anxiety and just in my head. Sometimes I would wake up and have sweat that’s more than usual, but this is infrequent coupled with just extreme fatigue 24/7 and other symptoms. I also noticed another hard immoveable lump behind my ear, but I’ve had it for years and never thought much of it, then the swelling started in that area as well and also at the base of my neck close to my collar bone. Finally I was advised to go to the hospital by a doctor, at the hospital they did blood and found everything relatively normal. I reviewed it and noticed my mpv levels were high. He told me that I would need a family doctor to keep following up and referred me to an oncologist. Recently I noticed one tonsil is bigger than the other and this could be the reason I felt something was in my throat. For the last week I have zero appetite, all I want are smoothies or salads and I feel satisfied all day. I have to remind myself and force myself to eat. I haven’t been able to get an appointment with the oncologist I was referred to as it seems they are not yet open. I am losing my mind with worry....:(

has anyone experienced anything similar?