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Need help to understand - Nerve pain Left Jaw

Need help to understand - Nerve pain Left Jaw

Posted by Jack80 on May 12, 2020 3:22 am

Hi everyone 
I know that I have another post discussing my case but I need help to understand a few things that happened to me.

I had a virtual walk in call with a doctor today and the doctor Kept telling me my case is mostly a cancer. 
I have a sharp an consist pain on my left side of the area around my Jaw. 

Two moths ago a CAT scan from dental shows an area of the bone that is radiolucent. He referred me to a surgeon for second opinion but unfortunately since March 20th and due to Coronavirus I could see any surgeon.

at the same time I had head CTA and neck CTA done on end of March by ER doctor and the reports show nothing abnormal.

What CTA can rule out? If there is a tumour somewhere in the head or neck should CTA detect it? Or at least rules it out? If I have something wrong in my Jaw such as tumour or other serious problems should not CTA at least indicate it suspicious?

Last month my family doctor ordered for me a normal head CT scan and neck MRI however she put them in a normal priority which means waiting forever.
Therefore, I called a walk in clinic using virtual services (verified and covered by Ontario health) and I explained to her my story.
she scared me and told me that she can not think of a reason other than a tumour in brain or a cancer in Jaw. and she said I have to have an urgent Head MRI as soon as possible before things get out of control. 

My question is that seems to me CTA has nothing to do with ruling out cancer? 
why ER perform CTA on head and neck instead of normal CT scan? 

are they different or CTA includes CT? 
what I should do now? Should ask my family to consider my case urgent?

why my family doctor did not think it is urgent? Why ER performed an CTA instead of MRI while I shared with them same information 


Re: Need help to understand - Nerve pain Left Jaw

Posted by THawk on Jul 24, 2020 6:33 am


I just went through something similar.  Back in March I was investigating another health issue, but had ear and jaw pain.  I went for an ultrasound on my neck, as at the time we suspected swollen lymph nodes.  It turned out to be a tumor on my right thyroid.  Fast forward to a biopsy, and the pain in my jaw and ears (mostly left) went from a dull roar to blinding.  I am certain the biopsy triggered the pain.  I spent the next month in terrible pain.  Had to stop working (I never even take a sick day), and even needed pain killers to get a few hours of sleep.  The tumor was on my laryngeal nerve, and it mimicked a sever ear infection type pain, with left side migrane.  Lucky for me, the surgery was booked three weeks later.  After the removal of the 4cm tumor on my right thyroid, the pain is 90% gone.  
I would ask for an ultrasound of your neck.  Ultrasound is better for detecting problems in your neck.  I also had a CT scan and it showed on that.  Also push to see an ENT.  
I hope this helps.