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Cyst on left tonsil and new white patch on gum

Cyst on left tonsil and new white patch on gum

Posted by Shanz on May 2, 2020 2:45 pm

Below I have copied what I sent to my dentist. Because of this virus I haven't heard from them yet. I want to add that my throat is always itchy and burning but I'm a smoker and allergic to dust mites. I'm looking for someone that may have been in a similar situation. As the days pass by I feel like my mouth is getting paler, more yellow and more and more tiny red spots on the roof of my mouth. The superficial nerve pain comes on randomly and not very often in my gums and jaw. 

I've had a cyst on my tonsil for years. My old ENT looked at it quickly last year and discharged me because my hearing loss in my left ear and vertigo had been stable for years. 

I was concerned so I made an appointment with a new ENT to see about haven't my tonsils removed. 
I started getting extreme fatigue 3 years ago. I've had other things like arthritis, osteoporosis in my neck and shoulders, my hands have carpal tunnel and tendonitis, broke my foot very easily last year, my left hip really hurts, also night sweats, headaches, the list goes on. The list is too big for a 37 year old!

I came to you because my gums were hurting on the right side for a very long time. I couldn't really distinguish which tooth it was and with the X-ray you weren't able to tell that I had a recent infection or any infection at all.

March 18th I noticed when I brushed and flossed it felt like my gums were cut. I decided to take a picture the next day. I had two red things on my gums where I said I had the pain on the right side when I went to you. 

The next week I felt the pain again. I also had a pimple thing on the tip of my tongue and an ulcer on the inside of my bottom lip. Around that time I had been stomach sick as well. I also noticed my mouth was watering only on the left side.

I had been getting big jolts in my head. And my left check bone started feeling numb and tingly under my eye. My GP told me to go to the hospital. Went to the hospital April 20th. They just did an MRI of my brain. I didn't think to tell them about my mouth problems. There were several small FLAIR white matter and minimal thickening of the left sinus but they said nothing to explain the feeling. And nothing concerning to them.

The feeling in the left side of my face is still there but it's very minimal. However, I started getting nerve pain in my gums like a tooth ache on my left side where I don't have teeth a couple days ago. I have had it in the past but like now it goes away quickly. I decided to take a picture to see if anything was there. I noticed a white patch behind my molar where my tooth used to be. When I look at the pictures from last month it was there.

I have attached pictures. I'm concerned because I've had what I've been told is an ulcer on my left tonsil for years it dangles and doesn't look like the pictures I have seen on the internet and now white patches. I've also been dealing with bad breath since I started getting sick three years ago. I also have tinnitus in my left ear for about 8 years.

I have an appointment with Internal Medicine on Wednesday. I went to them last year and they said it was most likely depression (which I know my body). Any further help in what actions to take from here would be helpful. I'm not sure if there is any relevance but I've been craving chocolate like crazy the last couple of months and that's very abnormal for me!
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Re: Cyst on left tonsil and new white patch on gum

Posted by Elsie13 on May 3, 2020 4:49 pm

Hello Shanz‍ .  So sorry you have all these health problems.  Your medical appointment will be May 6th?  Perhaps you can write a list of all your medical problems, to show the doctor. Start the list today.  It's always possible that over the next couple of days, you will think of one or two more additions for the list.  If you like, have a look at the Head and Neck cancer discussions:


   JamesT‍   do you have any suggestions for Shanz? 
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Re: Cyst on left tonsil and new white patch on gum

Posted by jorola on May 4, 2020 3:44 am

Hello Shanz‍ 
I agree with Elsie13‍ , write everything down for your appointment including your questions. It is so easy to forget something once you walk through that door. Even, if possible, give a copy to the doctor.
It does seem like you have several medical concerns going on. By giving all your information and concerns up front, your doctor can get to work in helping you get them addressed. Just a little FYI, biopsies are done to confirm firm the presence of cancer where ever possible (sometimes due to where the mass is this is not possible or the type of cancer). This gives the doctor the type of cancer so they can better plan the treatment. MRIs/CT scans cannot diagnose cancer only locate suspicious masses/lesions
I wish you all the best and please let us know how you appointment goes.
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Re: Cyst on left tonsil and new white patch on gum

Posted by JamesT on May 4, 2020 4:07 pm

thanks Elsie13‍ 

Hello Shanz‍ 

very sorry to hear about what you are going through.  Very distressing not knowing what's going on.

Wish I could offer some advise for you, but you appointment with internal Wednesday will provide the best insights.

Wishing you the best for your appointment.  Let us know how you make out.



Re: Cyst on left tonsil and new white patch on gum

Posted by Shanz on May 23, 2020 1:35 pm

Thanks so much for the support ❤️  I have been waiting to update with an answer but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.
My appointment did not go so well. They didn't do any further testing and mentioned Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
I do agree I fit the syndrome quite well however it doesn't explain a lot of the symptoms. 
The last couple of weeks I've had extreme head , shoulder and neck pain mainly on the left side. I can feel the veins pulling at my face. What ever it is is causing the left side of my face and body to twitch. For two days last week I had itchy pins and needles all over the left side of my body including my stomach and tongue. Now it's mainly in my chest and neck. I talked to my respirologist and he ordered a chest CT to make sure I didn't have a blood clot. I went to him 3 years ago when I started feeling sick. He did breathing tests and said my results were fine but then he heard me wheezing and said ok maybe you do have asthma and gave me inhalers. Which I only use when I get an itchy left side of throat because it causes wheezing.  They did find a left posterior mediastinum nodule and said to follow up with an MRI however they marked it as non urgent. So with covid-19 it will most likely be next year. And there's a small lesion on my left lung but because I'm not over 50yrs they just want to check it on a year.
I'm waiting on specialist appointments ENT and neurologist. But because the virus I'm not going to get help anytime soon. The ENT my doctor referred me to sent me an appointment date of December 2021!! I'm trying to find one that will take me seriously. I woke up today with my right side of my throat hurting as well now. 
I know in my heart that something is very wrong. I just pray it's just a pinched nerve or something. It's super scary and very hard because doctors are not taking it seriously.