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Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Re: Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Posted by ashcon on Dec 9, 2019 1:13 pm

Hi Jenn35‍ 
I'm glad to hear that your doctor took your concerns seriously and listened.  Just want to backtrack and clarify something....at this point, it's not known for sure if it's cancer, but this doctor (your new GP, right?) suggests you go straight to surgery to have it removed, and pathology will reveal if it's positive for cancer.
Is this right?
When you meet with the surgeon, I'd ask them their thoughts about going straight to surgical removal of this lump, or should further diagnostic testing be done.  Here's some information on tests used to Diagnose Breast Cancer

One pivotal question you may wish to ask yourself is this:  If, after removing the lump, it is discovered to NOT be cancer, how will I feel about having had the surgery?

Great advice from Lacey_adminCCS‍ to speak to a Cancer Information Specialist.  They were the first place I went after my diagnosis (before discovering this community) and they were incredibly kind and helpful in providing information and reputable resources for more information.
And yes, this is a GREAT place to land!
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Re: Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Posted by Jenn35 on Dec 9, 2019 1:20 pm

Hi Ashcon,

This all started with my first mammogram, which lead to ultrasound and the referral for a mammogram again in 6 months.  In the meantime, these pains have started so today the doctor felt it and said we will remove it.  I hope this makes more sense.  

Re: Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Posted by Jenn35 on Dec 9, 2019 1:32 pm

Wendy and Lacey thank you for the suggestions.  I like the germ free approach and the health and wellness.  That's what keeps me feeling control in the situation, something I can work on that will help me no matter what.  I have been paying better attention to my eating and working out everyday.  I didn't realize that there was even a help line, this stuff is such a mystery sometimes I feel like I can't think of what question I should even be asking yet.  I guess that will come.

Thank you so much,


Re: Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Posted by Essjay on Dec 9, 2019 2:12 pm

Thanks for sharing your update Jenn35‍. It sounds like you are being well taken care of.

Great advice from Lacey_adminCCS‍ to speak to a specialist, while you await your appointment to see the surgeon.

The surgeon will examine you, look at your last mammogram and may call for more images or a biopsy before doing surgery. They won’t want to cause you unnecessary harm. 

Some great suggestions and things to ponder from the ladies here - you’ve summed up this community very well. It is a ‘safe place to land’ indeed!
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Re: Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Posted by Kims1961 on Dec 9, 2019 10:19 pm

Jenn35‍  Some really great advice here .  Well done with letting your doctor know of your concerns.  I found i fumbled around for a while when i was first  thrusted into the cancer world.  I found this site by accident and like you, felt like i had landed into people who got it.

Talking to a specialist was also really helpful for me. It seemed like all of a sudden there were some very big decisions to make - nice to get as much info. as I could and trusting my gut.  I'm glad you are taking care of yourself now.  I found exercise - the outdoors - was such a great distraction.  

You will find things will start to become clearer .  I'm glad they are not waiting for the 6 month mammogram - that can be hard on our mental health.

Keep us posted on how you're doing.  Has your husband had his surgery?  I may have missed this point?  I hope it went well.


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Re: Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Posted by Jenn35 on Dec 17, 2019 4:42 pm

Kims1961 we just found out this week that Scott's surgery is scheduled for January 6, his pre-op is tomorrow.  I just got a call today that my surgeon's appointment is the day after his surgery, on the 7. What should I be prepared to have happen at that appointment you think?

Re: Breast lumps, 35 and Nervous

Posted by Kims1961 on Dec 17, 2019 9:08 pm

Jenn35‍   Wouldn't you know it?  How close timing is that?  In some ways it's good to have the surgeries done in the beginning of the new year - you won't be affected by delays due to holidays.

Are you able to bring someone with you to the appointment?  I got a notebook and started writing down questions before the appointment .  You may also be able to "record" the meeting so that you can play it back to your husband?   Some of the ideas in this cancer pamphlet can be helpful:


I found meeting with the surgeon was helpful in that things were starting to move towards better clarification. I listened at first and then she gave me time to ask my questions - remember there are no "dumb" questions. I wish i had asked who could i speak to after the appt. if i think of other questions.  

 Your surgeon should be able to explain the procedure - the pros/cons/risks.  Ask when will they get any results  - how long will it take.  You can also ask what would the next steps be.

Now comes the hard part....the waiting....hopefully you and Scott can enjoy some fun distractions during the holidays.   Soak it in - enjoy yourselves.  If you start to get over thinking things - definitely feel free to reach out here or to me by message.  It's ok to not be ok sometimes...see if some distraction techniques can help - clean out closets, reorganize holiday decorations, connect with friends.

So glad you posted - great question.  We are here!!! Kim
Her2+, ER+ Bilateral mastectomy in 2017, followed by chemo and radiation. Mack and Hannah's mom