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Regrowth after surgical removal.

Regrowth after surgical removal.

Posted by Khannn316 on Jan 18, 2019 2:12 pm

Just under a year ago, I was in the screening process for a mass in my armpit. After several tests, biopsies and eventual surgical removal (in August 2018) they stated that it was a benign mass that has some breast tissue in it as well. They didnt tell me the name of it. They said that after removal it would not return and no follow up needed. Well it's back. In the same (or close to) spot. I have just moved provinces and there is some difficulty in the screening process moving forward and without a family doctor, I'm not getting any information. Only what I can gather is that it's not supposed to have grown back. Is there anyone with a similar occurance that may be able to shed some light? My mind is going in the worst direction and I just would like to know if this could be some fluke that it's back. In the same spot. Within 5 months.

Re: Regrowth after surgical removal.

Posted by ashcon on Jan 18, 2019 7:13 pm

Hi Khannn316‍ 

It's good to see you here again on this site, though not for reasons you'd want.  I'm sorry to hear you are back here with fears of a re-growth so soon after your surgery.

I know you said that after your surgery you were released from your care team from your old province with 'no follow up', but it may be worth a call to them to tell them the situation, the fact that your in a new province, and can they refer you to a doctor in your province to get this looked into.

I'd also suggest that you contact a Cancer Information Specialist at 1-888-939-3333.  They may know something about getting screening or follow up care in your new province.

Good luck, keep us posted, and remember all those wise tips to keep your anxiety down until this is checked out.

Re: Regrowth after surgical removal.

Posted by Gracie18 on Jan 19, 2019 3:19 pm

I agree you should contact your team but maybe if you go toa hospital they may pull up your records and treat you.  Could be infection.  Hang in there.  

Re: Regrowth after surgical removal.

Posted by Essjay on Jan 19, 2019 8:15 pm

Which province are you in? 

You may may have a breast health centre, and you should be able to self-refer.

Otherwise any doc at a walk-in should also refer you.

Good luck - well done for reaching out - it’s a great community here...

Re: Regrowth after surgical removal.

Posted by Lacey_adminCCS on Jan 30, 2019 12:08 pm


We haven't heard from you in a bit. Have you had the growth checked out yet?

Looking forward to hearing from you,