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Chemo pills
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Wondering if the prescription for chemo pills is covered by OHIP as my husband is 61 yrs old
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Welcome to Cancer Connection. I am sorry for the reason that brings you here, but glad you found us.

Funding options for oral chemo in Ontario:

1. Some types of oral chemo may be covered by the Trillium Drug Plan. More information is available at the following website:


2. Contact the pharmaceutical company directly. Some of them offer full or partial reimbursements.

3. Speak to the oncologist about possible trials. If eligible for a trial, the oral chemo will be covered.

4. Ask to speak with a Medication Reimbursement Specialist, if available, at the oncology clinic. They may have suggestions for funding.

I know from firsthand experience that financial concerns add another layer of stress to a cancer diagnosis. Wishing you and your husband the best possible outcome as he goes through treatments.

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My husband has been on chemo pills since November with a few breaks in between. He gets them from the pharmacy at the Cancer Clinic and there is no charge. He is over 65. Sorry about the confusion.

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As I was under 65, my oncologist put the referral into the Cancer Centre's Drug Access Navigator early on. First, I had to put an pre-determination into our work benefits…who denied it as it is hugely expensive. (I understand that this was expected). I had to fill out and application to Trillium with forms about our household annual income/dependants (which I have) and give Trillium (ODB) access to Canada Revenue to verify. I was approved with a deductible…the patient support group (in reality, this is the drug company as I understand it) picked up the deductible. The drugs are delivered to me via Puralator at no charge to me.

I hope this gets resolved for you soon. You should not have to worry about this.

Take good care.

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Hi @Dee1, welcome to the site. My husband was briefly on oral chemo (age 61) and all costs were covered - our cancer centre applied for the Trillium drug plan on his behalf when he was first diagnosed and it all seemed to happen without much involvement from us. That alone took a huge weight off our shoulders and then we had the added benefit of getting financial support - which we never took for granted 🙏 Ask your oncology team if they submit the forms or if you need to do it. Good luck!

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