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Financial Assistance in NS
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Wondering if anyone knows of any programs offering financial assistance in Nova Scotia? I am worried about side effects impacting my work and would like to take time off for chemo, but I won't be off work long enough to be eligible for my Long Term Disability, and EI Sick benefits are only 55% which is not enough to live on (I am an administrative assistant at a non-profit organization). So I am looking for alternatives…

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Welcome to Cancer Connection. I am sorry for the reason that brings you here, but glad you found us.

Hopefully, you will feel well enough to continue working throughout chemo or most of the treatments, but you are smart to be prepared because it can be unpredictable. (Often manageable, but still unpredictable.) Do you have a start date for chemo yet?

You mentioned long term disability. Also inquire about short-term disability at work, if you haven’t done so already. Sometimes that is only 10-20% less than your current salary.

The following resources may be helpful:

1.) NSGEU Cancer Support Fund


2.) N.S. Department Of Health & Wellness


Wishing you the best possible outcome with your treatments. The Cancer Connection community is here for you!

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